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With a plethora of options available to students after completion of their Class 12th Science Board exams, students often face the challenge of making a very tough choice.

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Traditionally, Science stream has always been regarded as the one that offers excellent study options and lucrative career choices to students. With a plethora of options available to students after completion of their Class 12th Science Board exams, students often face the challenge of making a very tough choice. The rising cut-offs and increasing competition have added another level of complexity to picking the right course after completion of Class 12th science exam. Under tremendous stress and pressure, students often end up picking the wrong academic programme that doesn’t suit their interests and regret it later. Apart from this, not many students only focus upon one or two popular courses like Medical or engineering without exploring the variety of academic options available to them. If you are also confused about making a choice about your career after completing your Class 12th Science exam, we are here to help you! Read on the below-given catalogue to evaluate all the academic programmes that you can join post 12th Science.

Scope of Study

When it comes to academic programmes after Class 12th science, the courses can be divided into two main categories:

Mathematics Courses – generally pursued by the students who have Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics as their core subjects in Class 12

Biology Courses – generally pursued by the students who have Physics, Chemistry & Biology as their core subjects in Class 12

The advent of new technologies and innovative fields of study has also expanded the scope of study offering new study options that do not fall strictly with the traditional boundaries of Math or Bio courses. These include programmes like information technology, agricultural sciences, forensic sciences, biotechnology, geology and others. In addition to this, Class 12th Science students also have the advantage / option to join non-science courses i.e., arts, humanities or even to commerce. A privilege not enjoyed by students from other streams.

Mathematics Courses

Class 12th science students who have picked PCM subjects can opt for Mathematics based academic programmes after completion of their Board exams. The programmes are generally degree level 3-year or 4-year academic programmes, which offers excellent opportunities for further studies as well as for employment. The most popular programmes in this field are given below:

Engineering: Engineering is one of the most sought after career choices among students in India. Students with interest in technology and mechanics are ideal to join B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology programme offered by different institutes and universities across India. Moreover, students can choose to pursue B.E/B.Tech programmes in different domains like aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and others. B.E./B.Tech students are often hired in multinational corporations and even public sector units after completing this programme.

B.Arch: Bachelor of Architecture is another very lucrative career choice available to PCM students after completing their Class 12th Science Board exam. The programme is ideal for students who have interest in architecture field and who are creative, imaginative and excellent at drawing. With the advent of real estate as a formidable force in the Indian economy, B.Arch graduates can get excellent employment opportunities after completion of this programme.

BCA: The rise of computer technology and information technology in every arena has made career in this field a very rewarding option. For students who have keen interest in computer applications, the academic programme of Bachelor of Computer Applications is a great choice. Students can either choose to pursue higher education with MCA programme or can also look for employment opportunities after completion of the BCA course.

BSc: Bachelor of Science is a general degree level academic programme that is offered in different subjects. B.Sc is an ideal choice for students who are willing to pursue their academic career ahead in terms of higher studies and research. In addition to this B.Sc also opens doors for students to join teaching profession at school and even college level for students.

Biology Courses

As discussed above, the Biology centric courses can be pursued by students who have picked Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their core subjects for the Class 12th Science Board Exam. Traditionally, Biology based programmes after Class 12th science are mostly centred around Medical programmes. But with the rise of new fields of biotechnology, forensic science; this notion is surely on a decline. The main courses offered in the field of Biology are mentioned below:

MBBS: This is the most popular academic programme in PCB group of students after completion of Class 12th Science Boards. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programme is a basic degree that trains students to become allopathic doctors. Being a doctor is not only a great professional career but also holds excellent social status and prestige. Students can choose to specialize in different medical fields like neurosurgery, psychiatry or orthopaedics for further studies after completion of MBBS programme

BDS: BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. The BDS course although not as popular as MBBS, but forms part of core medical professional. BDS is a 5-year degree programme with 4 years of classroom studies and 1 year of internship. Getting admission to BDS is relatively easier compared to MBBS, and, therefore, students keep it as their second choice. Students can start their own dental clinics or be employed at public and private sector medical facilities as dental practitioners.

BAMS: This is another academic programme associated with the medical profession. BAMS stands for Bachelor or Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery. The programme is a basic degree level course that trains students to become an Ayurvedic doctor. Along with being one of the oldest forms of medical science in the world, the general trend of more people adopting Ayurveda medicine has made BAMS an excellent career choice. In addition to this, students can also pursue their research and further studies in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine if they intend to do so.

BHMS: Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery is another alternative medical professional that students can opt for after completing their Class 12th Board Exams. As the name denotes, the course deals with medical procedures and treatment through homeopathy. While BHMS is not as popular a career choice as MBBS or BAMS, but it still has a good following among Indian population. Finding a job as Homeopathic medical professional in hospitals and medical centres won’t be difficult for BHMS graduates.

B.Pharma: Bachelor of Pharmacy is an academic programme associated with medical sciences. However, unlike the aforementioned programmes, this course prepares students to join the pharmaceutical industries in different capacities. The pharmaceutical industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy as well as internationally. As far as career choices go, B.Pharm graduates can have excellent career as a pharmacist, drug store manager, drug therapist, heath inspector and many others. Students willing to pursue higher studies in this field can opt for M.Pharm programme and research as well.

BSc Nursing: The course title itself is pretty self-explanatory. Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a degree level course that prepares students in theoretical & practical aspects of nursing. B.Sc nursing as a career choice is excellent for students who have failed to score well in their Class 12th Science Board Exams. After completion of the course, students can join medical facilities of different types as certified nurses.

B.Sc Physiotherapy: Bachelor of Physiotherapy is another traditional medical academic programme available to students after completing their Class 12th Science Board exams with PCB as core subjects. Students completing their BSc Physiotherapy can join medical centres, rehabilitation centres and even government bodies as certified physiotherapists.

B.Sc Operational Therapy: Operational therapy is an up-&-coming field in the domain of medical sciences. Students completing this course can work with patients suffering from orthopaedic, neurological and psychological/psychiatric disorders.

These are just a few of the most popular career options available to Class 12th Science students after completion of their Board Exams. There are other alternative courses as well that students can choose from, based upon their interest and career aspirations.

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