Top Three Roadblocks Students Face On Their IIT JEE Journey

When it comes to IIT JEE, one wrong step can lead to a giant leap in the wrong direction.

Created On: Jun 17, 2019 15:48 IST
Top Three Roadblocks Students Face On Their IIT JEE Journey
Top Three Roadblocks Students Face On Their IIT JEE Journey

When it comes to IIT JEE, one wrong step can lead to a giant leap in the wrong direction. Right from joining the wrong coaching institute or being unable to cope up with the coaching schedule, from financial constraints to difficulties in completing syllabus or understanding concepts, there are a lot of factors that can affect the final outcome for students.

AasthaVerma, a class 12th student based in Malout, Punjab, moved to Chandigarh for quality education in Physics. Unfortunately, she faced issues with her paying guest accommodation and this distraction was enough to deteriorate her score from class 11th to class 12th. Soon, she took the wise decision to go back to Malout and take the reins of her preparation in her own hands.

To prepare for the IIT JEE from the comfort of her own home, she started watching videos on YouTube and then got on board Vedantu’s online IIT JEE preparation platform. Aastha hasn’t looked back since.

1. Poor accessibility

Like Aastha, many students face location and language barriers. They’re either met with average coaching staff in their own vicinity or have to travel to different cities or towns to join a reputable institution. Online coaching platforms like Vedantu can highly benefit such students as it brings faculty from IITs and other top tier colleges with 10+ years of experience, right in their home.

2. Forced faculty

Often times, students are unable to test the quality of teaching at a coaching class due to geographic or language barriers. It is a lot like not being able to see a trial before buying any product or service. This can cause a lot of distress to students. Vedantu helps students find the teacher of their choice by letting them avail of trail classes. Students can attend these classes and find a teacher that’s the best fit for their needs.

3. Lack of personal attention

Every year, approximately 14 Lakh students prepare for the IIT JEE at around 5,000 coaching centres across the country. In most reputable coaching institutes, there are average 100-150 students per batch. This makes it impossible for the teacher to provide personal counselling and keep an eye on the performance of each student.

Sadly, not every student in India can be a part of the ‘Super 30’ which comprises 30 highly underprivileged but academically bright students whom the genius mathematician Anand Kumar prepares for competitive exams. So, to help students get closer to their IIT dreams, Vedantu has mastered live audio-video connection between students and teachers.  To Vedantu’s pride,3 students made it to the Top 100 All India Rankers – Sumit Jain (AIR 1 JEE Advanced 2019 (PwD), Rajdeep Singh Dhingra(AIR 38 JEE Advanced 2019) and Chirag Jain (AIR 41 JEE Advanced 2019).

It wasn’t just Vedantu who helped these bright students crack the IIT JEE. Each and every Vedantu student has helped the online portal crack the IIT JEE, in their first year and they’re thankful to them for trusting Vedantu with their education.

Gone are the days when students relied on brick-and-mortar coaching centres. Today, students are overcoming every obstacle that is coming their way and realising their true potential, #TheVedantuWay. All from the comfort of their own home.

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