UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download Full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download the latest model paper for Economics released by UPMSP for UP Board Class 12 examinations for the year 2023.

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download Full PDF
UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: Download Full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023: UP Board exams 2023 are only a few months away, and students are approaching the final stage of their preparation: solving model papers. Understanding the concepts is important, but so is using them to solve tricky questions. Many students have a good grasp of the subject but falter while attempting the actual exam. However, knowing the correct syllabus and exam pattern and solving model papers beforehand can help students ace the exams.

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Economics is a crucial subject that not only teaches students about the workings of the world but also comes in handy in daily life. That’s why students from all streams choose economics in class 12. But economics is not child’s play. It is highly conceptual and challenging to comprehend. The questions asked in exams are even more confusing. This is where model papers come into play. Solving model papers gives students a taste of the competitive environment of the exam and helps them think clearly and write concise answers.

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad, aka the UP Board, has released model papers for all subjects of class 12 for students set to appear for the 2023 board exams. And so we bring you the model paper, general instructions, and exam pattern for the UP Board Class 12 exams in 2023. You can also download the full UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023 in pdf format at the end of the article.


  1. All  questions  are  compulsory.
  2. Marks  allotted  to  each  question  are  given against it.
  3. Question Nos. 1 to 10 are multiple choice type.
  4. Question Nos. 11 to 18 are very short answer type to be answered in 50 words each.
  5. Question Nos. 19 to 24 are  short  answer  type  to  be  answered  in 150  words  each.
  6. Question  Nos.  25 to 27 are  long answer  type  to  be  answered  in  300  words each.

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023

1- Which of the following is studied under Micro Economics?

a)Individual Unit

b)Economic Aggregate

c)National Income

d)None of these.

2- When marginal utility is zero, total utility is -





3- What happens, when production is shut down?

a)Fixed cost increases.

b)Variable cost is reduced.

c)Variable cost becomes zero.

d)Fixed cost becomes zero.

4- Marginal revenue is the rate of variable in

a)Total revenue

b)Total cost

c)Average revenue

d)Average cost.

5- In long-run, normal price is equal to-

a)Marginal utility

b)Average cost

c)Productive expenditure

d)None of the above.

6- When supply increases, price-

a)will not be effected

b)will increase

c)will decrease

d)none of the above.

7- Allahabad bank is-

a)Foreign exchange bank

b)Commercial bank

c)Central bank

d)None of the above.

8- Credit money expands, when ERR is




d)none of the above.

9- Functions of money are-

a)Medium of exchange

b)Unit of account

c)Store of value

d)Allof the above.

10- “Money is the pivot around which the whole economic science clusters.” is said by

a)Prof. Pigou

b)Prof. Marshall

c)Prof. Keynes

d)Prof. Ham.

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)

11. What is the main difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics?

12. Define the meaning of production in Economics.

13. Give the definition of production function.

14. What  is the meaning of marginal cost?

15. What kind of relationship is found between average cost and marginal cost?

16. Explain ‘land revenue’.

17. Write a note on ‘state excise duty’.

18. What do you mean by revenue expenditure?


You can check out the rest of the UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper questions below.

UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023 Download PDF

Economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics is an ancient science that has been in effect for thousands of years. Markets, inflation, growth, consumption, production, and business are all part of economics.

It is necessary for the proper functioning of the world and also helps students succeed in life. But first, you must ace your board exams, as that will provide a good fundamental base and help you get into good colleges. So study hard, and don’t forget to solve the UP Board Class 12 Economics Model Paper 2023.

All the best!

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