UPPCS Prelims Exam 2005 General Studies Question Paper I

UPPCS Prelims Exam question papers are very important for UPPCS Prelims Exam preparation. Consistently, we are providing UPPCS previous year papers of UPPCS Prelim Exam. Here, in this article we are providing UPPCS Prelims Exam 2005 question paper.

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UPPCS Prelims PapersUPPCS Exam is one of the coveted Exam of Uttar Pradesh. It requires a consistent preparation to qualify the UPPCS Exam. UPPCS aspirants must study hard to qualify at every level of UPPCS Exam. Here, we have provided UPPCS Prelims Exam 2005 question papers of General studies paper I which is quite helpful for the preparation for upcoming UPPCS Prelims Exams.

U.P.P.C.S (Pre.) EXAMINATION - 2005

1.    As per 2001 census three major States of India in respect of population are
(a)    Uttar Pradesh. Bihar, West Bengal.
(b)    Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra, Bihar.
(c)    Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra. West Bengal.
(d)    Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar.

2.    In India the highest decadal growth rate of population during 1991 -2001 was recorded in:
(a) Bihar
(b) Nagaland
(c) Sikkim
(d) Uttar Pradesh

3.    In Uttar Pradesh the largest concentration of population is found in
(a) Agra district
(b) Allahabad district
(c) Azamgarh district
(d) Kanpur Nagar district

4.    The highest decadal growth rate in sex ratio during 1991-2001 has been recorded by
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Kerala
(c) Uttaranchal
(d) Chhattisgarh

5.    As per the 2001 census the most urbanised State of India is
(a) Gujarat
(b) Kerala
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Tamil Nadu

UPPCS Prelim 2016 General Studies Paper I

6.    Which one of the following statements is not true?
(a)    Today nearly 28% of India's population resides in towns.
(b)    The year 1921 is the urban divide in the demographic history of India
(c)    Mumbai is the most populous metropolis of India.
(d)    There are only 5 million cities in Uttar Pradesh.

7.    As per the Planning Commission Report of 1999- 2000 the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line is in
(a) Bihar
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Orissa
(d) Uttar Pradesh

8.    The lowest infant mortality in urban areas of India is found in
(a) Kerala
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Gujarat

9.    The arsenic contamination of drinking water is highest in
(a) Chennai
(b) Kanpur
(c) Kolkata
(d) Mumbai

10.    Which one of the following Noble Gases is not present in air?
(a) Helium
(b) Argon
(c) Radon
(d) Neon

11.    Assertion (A) : The Ganga is a highly polluted river.
Reason (R) : The holier the river, the more polluted it is

Select the correct answer from the following
(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
(b)    Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
(c)    (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(d)    (A) is false, but (R) is true.

12.    The country most ravaged by the Tsunami fury was:
(a) Australia
(b) India
(c) Indonesia
(d) Thailand

13.    The highest chemical pollution is caused by the industrial effluents of
(a) Leather industry
(b) Paper industry
(c) Rayon industry
(d) Textile industry

14.    The largest Commercial Bank of India is
(b) State Bank of India
(d) Union Bank of India

15.    As per 2001 census the female literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh is
(a) 24.37%
(b) 42.98%
(c) 52.40%
(d) 56.36%

16.    As per the Union Budget 2005-2006, the senior citizens have not- to pay income tax up to an income of
(a) Rs. 1.00 lakh
(b) Rs. 1.50 lakh
(c) Rs. 1.85 lakh
(d) Rs. 2.00 lakh

17.    India'share in the World Trade is
(a) 0.75%
(b) 2.60%
(c) 2.00%
(d) 2.50%

18.    India's share in the World Green Houses gases is
(a) 1%
(b) 2%
(c) 3%
(d) 5%

19.    Which of the following States have not introduced VAT system? Select the correct answer from the code given below:
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Chhattisgarh
3. Maharashtra
4. Uttar Pradesh

(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 3
(c) I and 4
(d) 2 and 4

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20.    The New Package for Agriculture announced by the UPA Government does not provide
(a)    Landless agriculturists will get loan from banks.
(b)    NABARD will work out a proposal for loans to landless agriculturists.
(c)    50 lakhs new farmers will be covered under the loan scheme.
(d)    Concession in loan payment

21.    As per the Union Budget 2005-06 the GDP growth rate has been stipulated as
(a) 6.0%
(b) 6.9%
(c) 7.25%
(d) 8.5%

22.    The leading producer of soyabean in India is
(a) Chhattisgarh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Uttar Pradesh

23.    The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through
(a) Egypt
(b) India
(c) Iran
(d) Myanmar

24.    Ganpati Festival in Maharashtra was started by
(a) Bal Gangardhr Tilak
(b) Gopal KrishnaGokhale
(c) Aurobindo Ghosh
(d) Bipin Chandra Pal

25.    The Committee which recommended a three-tier Panchayati Raj System in India was
(a)    Ashok Mehta Committee
(b)    BalwantRai Mehta Committee
(c)    G. K.V.Rao Committee
(d)    L.M. Singhvi Committee

26.    One of the tribes which celebrates 'Sarhul' festival is
(a) Santhal
(b) Munda
(c) Bhil
(d) Tharu

27.    Diwali is a festival of mourning among the
(a) Khasis
(b) Mundas
(c) Bhils
(d) Tharus

28.    The vacancy of the Office of the President must be filled up within
(a) 90 days
(b) six months
(c) nine months
(d) one year

29.    Which Provision of the Fundamental Rights is directly related to the exploitation of children?
(a) Art. 17
(b) Art. 19
(c) Art. 23
(d) Art. 24

30.    The First Speaker against whom a vote of no- confidence was moved in the Lok Sabha was
(a) B.R. Jhakhad
(b) G.V. Mavlankar
(c) Hukum Singh
(d) K.S. Hegde

31.    Who among the following is not the recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award?
(a) Ustad Bismiliah Khan
(b) Satyajit Ray
(c) Raj Kapoor
(d) Lata Mangeshkar

32.    The first Muslim President of the Indian National Congress was
(a) Abdul KalamAzad
(b) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
(c) M.A. Ansari
(d) Badruddin Tyabji

33.    In a Presidential of Government all executive powers are rested in
(a) President
(b) Cabinet
(c) Legislature
(d) Upper House

34.    Which one of the following irrelevalent?
(a) Sensex
(b) BSE
(c) Nifty
(d) SAPS

35.    In the Union Budget the largest item of revenue expenditure is
(a) Defence expenditure
(b) Major Subsidies
(c) Interest Payments
(d) Grants to States

36.    The Supreme Court has recently held unconstitutional Illegal Migrants Determination Act, 1993 on the ground of violation of moral obligation of Centre under
(a) Art. 355
(b) Art. 356
(c) Art. 256
(d) Art. 257

37.    Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a)    The Constitution of India is Presidential
(b)    India is a titular monarchy.
(c)    India is an aristocracy.
(d)    India is a Parliamentary democracy.

38.    Which one of the following pairs of States has equal seats in Lok Sabha?
(a)    Punjab and Assam
(b)    Gujarat and Rajasthan
(c)    Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
(d)    Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal

39.    Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a)    Bihu         -    Assam
(b)    Onam      -    Andhra Pradesh
(c)    Pongal     -    Tamil Nadu
(d)    Baisakhi  -    Punjab

40.    The First University Chair in Sanskrit was founded in Europe in
(a) Britain
(b) France
(c) Germany
(d) Russia

UPPCS Prelim 2015 General Studies Paper I held on 29 March 2015.

41.    Which one of the following statements is not true for Shankaracharya, Saint of the 8th century?
(a)    He established four religious centres in different parts of India.
(b)    He countered the spread of Buddhism and Jainism.
(c)    He named Prayag as Teerthraj
(d)    He propagated Vedanta.

42.    Among the following who had constructed as astronomical observatory popularly known as Jantar Mantar at Delhi?
(a) Akbar
(b) Shahjanhan
(c) Suraj Mal
(d) Jaisingh II

43.    In U.S. Open 2005 Sania Mirza was defeated in pre quarter final by
(a) Maria Kirilenco
(b) Maria Sharapova
(c) Tatyana Pamova
(d) Anna Lona Gorenfeld

44.    The port which does not have LNG terminals is
(a) Dahej
(b) Hazira
(c) Kochi
(d) Kandla

45.    Ten Degree channel separates
(a)    Andaman from Nicobar Islands
(b)    Andaman from Myanmar
(c)    India from Sri Lanka
(d)    Lakshadweep from Maldives

46.    Which one of the following countries is not a landlocked country?
(a) Afghanistan
(b) Liberia
(c) Laos
(d) Luxemburg

47.    Consider the following statements and select the correct answer from the code given below:
1.    Cuba is known as the 'sugar bowl' of the world
2.    Hong Kong is a special Administrative Region of China.
3.    U.S.A. is the leading producer of milk in the world.
4.    Australia is a Federal Sate.

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 1, 2 and 3 only
(c) 2, 3 and 4 only
(d) 1, 2 and 4 only

48.    Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a)    Anshan - Iron and Steel
(b)    Detroit - Automobiles
(c)    Moscow - Shipbuilding
(d)    Osaka - Textiles

49.    Which one of the following is a cold current of the South Pacific Ocean?
(a) Canary current
(b) Benguela current
(c) Agulhas current
(d) Brazil current

50.    Assertion (A): Orissa is the most cyclone-prone coastal region in India.
Reason (R): There has been maximum deforestation of mangroves in the Mahanadi delta region.

Select the correct answer from the code given below:
(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
(b)    Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
(c)    (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(d)    (A) is false, but (R) is true.

51.    The wide treeless grassy plain in South America are called
(a) Selvas
(b) Pampas
(c) Prairies
(d) Steppes

52.    The first woman to reach North Pole was
(a) Ann Boncraft
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Luci Jennifer
(d) Chi Ha Lung

53.    Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a)    Jaipur         -    Pink City
(b)    Ujjain         -    City of Mahakal
(c)    Kolkata       -    City of Joy
(d)    Jaislamer   -    City of Lakes

54.    Mauna Loa ia an active volcano of
(a) Alaska
(b) Hawaii
(c) Italy
(d) Japan

55.    Which one of the following regions of the U.S.A. is known as "Tornado Alley”?
(a) Atlantic Seaboard
(b) Pacific Coast
(c) Mississippi Plains
(d) Alaska

56.    Death Valley is known for its
(a) excessive heat
(b) excessive cold
(c) abnormal depth
(d) excessive salinity

57.    'Sulahkul Festival' of Hindu-Muslim unity is organised at
(a) Agra
(b) Aligarh
(c) Etawah
(d) Barabanki

58.    The district having the small area in Uttar Pradesh is:
(a) SantKabirNagar
(b) Gautam Budh Nagar
(c) Ambedkar Nagar
(d) Kanpur Nagar

59.    Kisan Mitra Yojana was started in U.P. on
(a) June 18,2004
(b) June 18, 2003
(c) June 18,2002
(d) June 18, 2001

60.    In the total tax revenue of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2004-05, the share of indirect taxes is estimated is about
(a) 74%
(b) 76%
(c) 78%
(d) 80%

61.    The National Rural Health Mission was launched on
(a) August 15,2002
(b) March 31, 2003
(c) June 18, 2004
(d) April 12, 2005

62.    The proposed 'Janani Suraksha Scheme' will replace
(a)    Maternity and Child Health Scheme.
(b)    National Maternity Benefit Scheme
(c)    MahilaSamakhya
(d)    Reproductive and Child Health Scheme.

63.    During the last three years the share of direct taxes in the total tax revenue of the Government of Uttar Pradesh has
(a) decreased
(b) increased
(c) fluctuated
(d) remained unchanged

64.    The Common wealth Games- 2010 will be held at
(a) Canberra
(b) Delhi
(c) London
(d) Toronto

65.    Nobel Prize for Peace- 2004 was awarded to
(a) Wengari Mathai
(b) Jimmi Carter
(c) Yasser Arafat
(d) Alfred Zemilek

66.    The author of the book "The Road Ahead" is
(a) Bill Clinton
(b) Bill Gates
(c) VikramSeth
(d) Salman Rushdie

67.    Pope Benedict XVI hails from
(a) Germany
(b) Italy
(c) Vatican City
(d) Poland

68.    Durand Cup is associated with the sport of
(a) Football
(b) Golf
(c) Hockey
(d) Table Tennis

69.    The headquarters of WTA are located as
(a) Doha
(b) Geneva
(c) Rome
(d) New York

70.    Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a) Chinook-U.S.A.
(b) Sirocco-Sicily
(c) Blizzard-Chile
(d) Norwesters-India

UPPCS Prelim 2014 General Studies Paper I

71.    The largest Scheduled Tribe of Uttaranchal is
(a) Bhoksa
(b) Bhotia
(c) Jaunsari
(d) Tharu

72.    Which one of the following are not pastoral nomads?
(a) Pygmies
(b) Kazaks
(c) Masai
(d) Lapps

73.    Match List-1 with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below:
             List I                  List II
            (Centre)           (Industry)

A.    Pittsburg     1.  Shipbuilding
B.    Shanghai    2.  Iron & Steel
C.    Dundee      3.  Cotton Textile
D.    Leningrad   4.  Jute Textile

        A    B    C    D
(a)    1    2    3    4
(b)    4    3    2    1
(c)    2    3    4    1
(d)    4    3    1    2

74.    During 1991-2001 the percentage increase in literate persons in Uttar Pradesh was
(a) 18.5
(b) 16.7
(c) 13.2
(d) 10.5

75.    In the recent epidemics of the Japanese Encephalitis the most afflicted district in Uttar Pradesh was :
(a) Basti
(b) Gonda
(c) Garakhpur
(d) Kanpur Nagar

76.    In Uttar Pradesh Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is located in the district:
(a) Ghaziabad
(b) Gonda
(c) RaeBareli
(d) Unnao

77.    Today the most urbanised country of the world is
(a) Germany
(b) Japan
(c) Singapore
(d) U.S.A.

78.    The highest peak in South India is
(a) Anaimudi
(b) Dodabetta
(c) Amarkantak
(d) Mahendrajiri

79.    The most mineralised rock system of India is
(a) Dharwar system
(b) Vindhyan system
(c) Cuddapah system
(d) Gondwana system

80.    The Stockholm Water Prize-2005 has been awarded to
(a) Rajendra Singh
(b) Sunita Narain
(c) Sarabjit Singh
(d) Sunita Rani

81.    The concept of ecological niche was enuciated by
(a) Greenels
(b) Darwin
(c) E. ROdum
(d) C.C.Park

82.    Jhuming is practised mostly in
(a) Assam
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Nagaland
(d) Madhya Pradesh

83.    The International Acid Rain Information Centre has been set up at
(a) Berlin
(b) Oslo
(c) Osaka
(d) Manchester

84.    Who was the 12th Prime Minister of India?
(a) Chandra Sekhar
(b) Deve Gowda
(c) I.K. Gujral
(d) A.B.Bajpai

85.    Who had made Allahabad the emergency headquarters in 1857?
(a) Lord Canning
(b) Lord Cornwallis
(c) Lord Wellesley
(d) Lord William Bentinck

86.    Consider the following statement about hemoglobin and select the correct answer from the code given below:
1.    It contains iron.
2.    It imparts red colour to the blood.
3.    It provides immunity against certain diseases.
4.    It is a career of oxygen in the blood.

(a) 1,2 and 3
(b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and4
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

87.    The last Mughal Emperor was Bhahadur Shah. His father's name was
(a) AkbarShahl
(b) AkbarShah II
(c) Aurangzeb
(d) Shahjehan

88.    "Swaraj is my Birth right."
The above assertion is attributed to
(a)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(b)    Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(c)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(d)    Subhash Chandra Bose

89.    The Nyaya Philosophical System vitas. propagated by:
(a) Charvaka
(b) Gautama
(c) Kapil
(d) Jamini

90.    The largest number of copper coins in northern and north western India were issued by
(a) Indo-Greeks
(b) Kushans
(c) Sakas
(d) Pratiharas

91.    'Nishaka' in ancient India was known as
(a) Gold ornament
(b) Cows
(c) Copper Coins
(d) Silver Coins

92.    The first disciple of Lord Mahavir was
(a) Jamali
(b) Yosuda
(c) Bipin
(d) Prabhash

93.    The main outcome of 1921-22 non-cooperation movement was
(a)    Hindu-Muslim unity
(b)    More powers to provinces
(c)    Increase in elected members to the Central Legislative Assembly
(d)    Division in the Indian National Congress

94.    The Brahma Samaj is based on the principle of
(a) Monotheism
(b) Polytheism
(c) Atheism
(d) Monism

95.    Assertion (A): The Quit India Movement marked the culmination of Indian National Movement.
Reason (R): After the Quit India Movement it was a matter of time to find a suitable mechanism for transfer of power.

Select the correct answer from the code given below:
(a)    Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
(b)    Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
(c)    (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(d)    (A) is false, but (R) is true.

96.    The rain-drops are spherical because
(a)    they fall from big height
(b)    the air has resistance
(c)    the water has surface tension
(d)    none of the above

97.    Which among the following is not correctly matched?
(a)    BirjuMaharaj        -    Kathak
(b)    Bismillah Khan    -    Shahnai
(c)    ZakirHussain       -    Harmonium
(d)    Amzad Ali Khan   -    Sarod

98.    Which of the following statements regarding Dr. B.R. Ambedkar are correct ? Select the correct answer from the code given below the statements.
1.    He founded Siddharth College.
2.    He started his journal Mook Nayak in 1920.
3.    He founded Depressed Class Institute in 1922.
4.    He was the first Defence Minister of India.

(a) 4, 2 and 3
(b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and 4
(d) 1, 2 and 4

99.    Sonagiri, the abode of 108 Jain temples, lies in the close proximity of
(a) Datia
(b) Jhansi .
(c) Orchha
(d) Lalitpur

100.    Govind Palace, an excellent specimen of Hindu architecture is located at
(a) Datia
(b) Khajuraho
(c) Orchha
(d) Gwalior

UPPCS Prelims 2016 General Studies Paper II

101.    'The Swadesh Vahini' was edited by
(a) C.V. Raman Pillai
(b) C.N. Mudaliar
(c) K. Ram Krishna Pillai
(d) C.R. Reddy

102.    Which one of the following is not true about the Cripps Mission ?
(a)    Dominion status since the war ended.
(b)    Constitution framed by the Constituent Assembly acceptable.
(c)    The formation of new Executive Council with equal representation for both Hindus & Muslims.
(d)    Any province could remain outside the Indian Union.

103.    Who among the following presided over the Karachi Session of the Indian National Congress?
(a) Jawahar Lai Nehru
(b) J.M. Sengupta
(c) S.C. Bose
(d) Vallabhbhai Patel

104.    The first Indian Prime Minister who visited Afghanistan is
(a) Jawahar Lai Nehru
(b) I.K. Gujaral
(c) A. B. Bajpai
(d) Man Mohan Singh

105.    Who, among the following, presides over the joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?
(a) Chairman, Rajya Sabha
(b) Speaker
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Proterm Speaker

106.    The importance of Kesavanand Bharti Case lies in the fact that
(a)    It overruled the executive orders
(b)    the Supreme Court enunciated the doctrine of "basic features" of the Constitution
(c)    it embarrassed the Union Government
(d)    none of the above

107.    When the moon size is half of the full moon, the angle between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon is
(a) 45°
(b) 90°
(c) 180°
(d) 270°

108.    A father is now three times as old as his son. Five years back he was four times as old as his son. The age of the son is
(a) 12 years
(b) 15 years
(c) 18 years
(d) 20 years

109.    If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the width is decreased by 20%, the area will
(a) increase by 4 %
(b) decrease by 4%
(c) increase by 20 %
(d) decrease by 20 %

110.    A man sold two scooters each at the same price; on one he gained 25% and on the other he lost 25%. In the transaction he did
(a) lose
(b) gain
(c) neither gain nor lose
(d) none of the above

111.    A sum of Rs. 1000 is divided between A, B and C and that A gets one-fourth of what B and C get together and B gets the same as C, then C gets
(a) Rs. 100
(b) Rs. 200
(c) Rs.300
(d) Rs.400

112.    Out of 150 patients visiting a hospital 60 are suffering from high blood-pressure, 40 are suffering from heart problems and 20 are suffering from both. The number of patients who suffer from none of these two problems is :
(a) 50
(b) 60
(c) 70
(d) 80

113.    If 22x + 4 =16x, then 2x is equal to
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) 8
(d) 16

114.    If the radius of a circle is increased 100%, the area of the circle will increase by
(a) 100%
(b) 200%
(c) 300%
(d) 400%

115.    If code for ABSENT is ZYHVMG, the code for PRESENT will be

UPPCS Prelims Paper I

117.    The missing terms in the sequence 1, 3, 7, …….. 31, …….. are
(a) 14 and 60    
(b) 13 and 63
(c) 15 and 60    
(d) 15 and 63

118.    If the average of a number, its 50% and its 25% is 210, the number is
(a) 280
(b) 320
(c) 360
(d) 400

119.    'Mohini Attain' is not folk dance of
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) Karnataka
(c) Kerala
(d) Tamil Nadu

UPPCS Prelims 2015 General Studies Paper II

120.    The most critical stage of irrigation in wheat is
(a) C.R.I. state
(b) Late tilting stage
(c) Boot stage
(d) Jointing stage.

121.    The Apex Body to finance agriculture in India is
(a)    Reserve Bank of India
(b)    NABARD
(c)    Cooperative Societies
(d)    Government of India

122.    The number of players in water polo is
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 8

123.    Which of the following statements are true about the 10th Five Year Plan?

1.    8% increase in GDP during the plan period.
2.    Poverty ratio to be reduced and brought to 20% by 2007.
3.    Literacy to be increased to 73% by 2007.

Select the correct answer from the code given below the statements:

(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 3
(c) 1 and 3
(d) 1, 2 and 3

124.    Which one of the following statements about F-18 Super Hornet is not correct?
(a)    It is a fighter plane manufactured by U.S. Aerospace Company.
(b)    It can be used both by a day and night.
(c)    It is used by 8 countries of the world for their air force.
(d)    HAL is manufacturing it with the assistance of Boeing Company.

125.    Which one of the following Satyagrahas was not lead by Mahatma Gandhi?
(a) Quit India Movement
(b) Civil Disobedience
(c) Bardoli
(d) Kheda

126.    Which one of the following was not the language in which "The Indian Opinion' paper was published?
(a) English
(b) Gujarati
(c) Tamil
(d) Urdu

127.    Who accused Indian National Congress of practicing politics of 'Pray, petition and protest’?
(a) B.G.Tilak
(b) M.A. Jinnah
(c) S.C. Bose
(d) Annie Besant

128.    Vande Mataram became the theme song of the Indian National Movement during
(a)    Champaran Movement
(b)    Civil Disobedience Movement
(c)    Non-Cooperation Movement
(d)    Swadesh Movement

129.    The smallest unit of length is
(a) micron
(b) nanometre
(c) angstrom
(d) fermimetre

130.    The filament of an electric bulb is made of
(a) Magnesium
(b) Iron
(c) Nichrome
(d) Tungsten

131.    Wilhelm Roentgern invented
(a) Radio
(b) X-Ray Machine
(c) Electric Bulb
(d) Electric Motor

132.    Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below the lists :
           List I                       List II
(Physical quantities)    (Units)

A.    Acceleration         1.  Joule
B.    Force                  2.  Newton second
C.    Work done          3.  Newton
D.    Impulse              4.  Meter / second2

        A    B    C    D
(a)    1    2    3    4
(b)    2    1    4    3
(c)    4    3    1    2
(d)    3    4    2    1

133.    Which one of the following statements is not true about cosmic rays?
(a)    They are electromagnetic waves.
(b)    They have very short wavelength.
(c)    They are made of highly energetic charged particles.
(d)    They originate from the Sun.

134.    Solder is an alloy of
(a) tin an lead
(b) tin and copper
(c) tin, copper and zinc
(d) tin, lead and zinc

135.    The colour of the Star is an indication of its
(a)    distance from earth
(b)    temperature
(c)    luminosity
(d)    distance from the Sun

136.    CNG used in automobiles to check pollution, mainly consists of
(a) CH4
(b) CO2
(c) N2
(d) H2

137.    Pyrethrin used in mosquito coil is obtained from
(a) a seed plant
(b) an insect
(c) a bacterium
(d) a fungus

138.    Which one of the following chemicals helps in fruit ripening?
(a) Ethaphon
(b) Atrazine
(c) Isoproturan
(d) Malathion

139.    Heroin is obtained from
(a) Indian hemp
(b) Opium poppy
(c) Tobacco
(d) Arccanut

140.    Which one of the following liquids is very good conductor of heat ?
(a) Mercury
(b) Water
(c) Ether
(d) Benzene

141.    Arteether, a drug to cure malaria is obtained from a
(a) seed plant
(b) fungus
(c) Bacterium
(d) moss

142.    In cold weather, aquatic animals survive even when water at the top layer of the lake freezes into ice because
(a)    they can breathe in ice.
(b)    they have enough of accumulated oxygen inside them
(c)    their body structure is such that they can survive without oxygen.
(d)    water has highest density at 4°C so underneath the top layer of ice there is layer of water.

143.    The Mutation Theory of Evolution was enunciated by
(a) Huxley
(b) Darwin
(c) Lamarck
(d) Hugo de Vries

144.    Which one of the following is not related with ecological balance?
(a) Water management
(b) Afforestation
(c) Industrial Management
(d) Wild life protection

145.    Which one of the following trees is considered to be an environmental hazard?
(a) Babul
(b) Amaltas
(c) Neem
(d) Eucalyptus

146.    A species is considered to be extinct if it has not been seen in its natural
(a) 15 years.
(b) 25 years
(c) 40 years
(d) 50 years

147.    Man-made pollutants are called
(a) Xenobiotics
(b) Antibiotics
(c) Humalins
(d) Analgesics

148.    Cholestrol is
(a) an insecticide
(b) a vitamin
(c) asteroid
(d) an enzyme

149.    Which among the following factors are responsible for sex-ratio in India?
(a)    High maternity death rate
(b)    High female child death rate
(c)    Female foeticide
(d)    Birth of more male children than female children

Select the correct answer from the code given below:

(a) 1, 2 and 3
(b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) l, 3 and 4
(d) l, 2,3 and 4

150.    The decadal growth of population in India was highest during
(a) 1951-1961    
(b) 1961-1971
(c) 1971- 1981
(d) 1991-2001

UPPSC UPPCS Prelims Exam- Previous Year Question Papers

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