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UPPSC Lower PCS Prelims 2013: Question Paper

Apr 17, 2014 15:40 IST

    Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducted the Combined Lower Subordinate Preliminary Exam 2013, commonly called as Lower PCS, on 6 April 2014. The Preliminary Exam consisted of only one General Studies Paper having 150 questions. The mathematics questions were also embedded in the question paper.

    The Question Paper is as follows

    1. The Union Public Service Commission submits its annual report to

    (a) Prime Minister

    (b) President

    (c) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

    (d) Home Minister

    2. Which Constitutional Amendment makes provision for the reservation of 'seats to SC's and ST's in Lok Sabha and State Assemblies?

    (a) 76th

    (b) 77th          

    (c) 78th

    (d) 79th

    3. Which of the following are covered by 73rd Amendment of the Constitution?

    1. Zila Panchayat

    2. Kshetra Panchayat

    3. Gram Panchayat

    4. Nagar Panchayat

    Select the correct answer from the code given below:


    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 1, 2 and 3

    (c) Only 2, 3 and 4

    (d) All the four

    4. Sikkim became a new State by which one of the following Constitutional Amendments?

    (a) 30th

    (b) 34th

    (c) 35th

    (d) 36th

    5. The Vice President of India,

    1. is the second highest dignitary of India.

    2. has no formal function attached to his office.

    3. discharges the functions of the President during his absence.

    4. acts as President, if the President resigns or is removed or dies.

    Select the correct answer from the code given below:


    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 1, 2 and 3

    (c) Only 1, 3 and 4

    (d) All the four

    6. The Policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation was announced as New Economic Policy by Prime Minister

    (a) Rajeev Gandhi

    (b) Vishwa Nath Pratap Singh

    (c) Narsimha Rao

    (d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    7. Which part of our Constitution envisages a three tier system of Panchayats?

    (a) Part IX

    (b) Part X

    (c) Part XI

    (d) Part XII

    8. The Supreme Court of India has propounded the doctrine of basic structure of the Constitution in which of the following cases?

    (a) Golaknath Vs Punjab State

    (b) Sajjan Singh Vs Rajasthan State

    (c) Keshavanand Bharti Vs Kerala State

    (d) Shankari Prasad Vs Indian Union

    9. The Officers of the Parliament include

    1. Speaker, Lok Sabha

    2. Dy. Speaker, Lok Sabha

    3. Secretary General of Lok Sabha

    4. Chairman of Rajya Sabha

    Select the correct answer from the code given below:


    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 1, 2 and 3

    (c) Only 1, 3 and 4

    (d) All the four

    10. Under the Preventive Detention Act, a person can be arrested without trial for

    (a) 1 month    

    (b) 3 months

    (c) 6 months   

    (d) 9 months

    11. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal in India.

    (b) The number of languages recognised as regional languages in the Constitution of India are 18.

    (c) Article 35 read with Article 17 confers on the Parliament power to make law prescribing punishment for practising untouchability.

    (d) The Charter Act of 1813 is termed as 'Magna Carta' of Indian liberties.

    12. 'Indian War of Independence 1857' was written by

    (a) V.D. Savarkar

    (b) R.C. Majumdar

    (c) S.N. Sen

    (d) S.B. Choudhari

    13. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak the 'Father of Indian Unrest'?

    (a) Lord Curzon

    (b) Vincent Smith

    (c) Valentile Chirol

    (d) Henry Cotton

    14. After the formation of ministries in the provinces in 1937, Congress rule lasted for

    (a) 28 months

    (b) 29 months

    (c) 30 months

    (d) 31 months

    15. The system of proportional representation as an electoral mechanism ensures

    (a) majority rule.

    (b) stability in Government.

    (c) common political thinking.

    (d) representation of minorities.

    16. Consider the following statements:

    1. The Gandhian Economy is based on the principle of trusteeship.

    2. The Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950 is included in Ninth Schedule.

    3. The 60th Constitutional Amendment reduced the voting age of citizens in India from 21 years to 18 years.

    4. In 1982, 'Shetkari Sangthan' was organised by Medha Patekar.

    Of these statements:

    (a) Only 1 and 2 are correct.

    (b) Only 2 and 3 are correct.

    (c) Only 3 and 4 are correct.

    (d) All are correct.

    17. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) The total number of Articles in the Constitution of India is 395.

    (b) Finance Commission is constituted under Article 280 of the Constitution of India.

    (c) Madam Cama was the first woman President of Indian National Congress.

    (d) 'Politics in India' is the Pioneering Research Study of Rajni Kothari. 

    18. Who resigned from Viceroy's Executive Council as a protest against Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

    (a) Mahatma Gandhi

    (b) Rabindra Nath Tagore

    (c) Shankaran Nayar

    (d) Jamnalal Bajaj

    19. Which one of the following statements is not correct?  

    (a) Mahatma Gandhi's auto-biography was originally written in Gujarati Language.

    (b) Saddler Commission is associated with Education.

    (c) Hindu College Calcutta is the first institution to help in spreading English Education in India.

    (d) Lala Lajpat Rai was never elected as President of Indian National Congress.

    20. Consider the following statements:

    1. The Arya Samaj was founded in 1875.

    2. 'AI Hilal' was published by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

    3. Lala Lajpat Rai was not associated with the paper 'The People'.

    4. The famous Presidency College (former Hindu College) of Calcutta was established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

    Of these statements:

    (a) Only 1 and 2 are correct.

    (b) Only 2 and 3 are correct.

    (c) Only 1, 2 and 4 are correct.

    (d) Only 1, 2 and 3 are correct.

    21. The year of Bengal Famine in which millions of people died is

    (a) 1942

    (b) 1943

    (c) 1944

    (d) 1945

    22. On whose suggestions were the Indians kept out of the Simon Commission?

    (a) Lord Reading

    (b) Lord Chelmsford

    (c) Sir John Simon

    (d) Lord Irwin

    23. The propounder of "Filtration Theory" in India's education policy was

    (a) Charles Wood

    (b) Macaulay

    (c) J.S. Mill     

    (d) Cornwallis

    24. Who among the following had welcomed Vasco-da-Gama at Calicut ?

    (a) Gasper Correa

    (b) Albuquerque

    (c) Zamorin

    (d) Don Almaida

    25. Consider the following reports connected with Muslim grievances in the Congress administered provinces:

    1. Pirpur Report

    2. Shareef Report

    3. Muslim sufferings under Congress rule.

    Select the correct chronological order of the reports from the code given below:


    (a) 1, 2, 3             

    (b) 2, 1, 3

    (c) 3, 1, 2             

    (d) 1, 3, 2

    26. Which one of the following is correctly matched?

    (a) Lajpat Rai - Poverty and Unbritish Rule in India

    (b) Dadabhai  Naoroji  - Unhappy India

    (c) Rafiq  Zakaria - The Man Who Divided India

    (d) Subhas Chandra Bose  - Guilty Men of India's Partition  

    27. Who among the following threw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly on April 8, 1929 to make the deaf British Government hear?

    1. Bhagat Singh

    2. Sukhdev

    3. Rajguru      

    4. Batukeshwar Datta

    Select the answer from the code given below:


    (a) 1 and 2      

    (b) 2and 3

    (c) 1 and 3      

    (d) 1 and 4

    28. French East India Company was formed during reign of

    (a) Louis XIII   

    (b) Louis XIV

    (c) Louis XV    

    (d) Louis XVI

    29. The campaign for widow remarriage in Maharashtra was led by

    (a) Vishnu Parashuram Pandit

    (b) B.M. Malabari

    (c) Gopal Hari Deshmukh

    (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

    30. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

    (a) Lord Dalhousie - Annexation of Avadh

    (b) Lord Dufferin -Establishment of Indian National Congress

    (c) Lord William Bentinck - - Passing of the Charter Act, 1833

    (d) Lord Lytton - Beginning of first Anglo - Afghan War

    31. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

    (a) The first Newspaper published from India - The Bengal Gazette

    (b) Founder of All India Harijan Sangh - Mahatma  Gandhi  

    (c) Active participants of Gadar Movement - Hardayal, Baba Harnam Singh & Tundilat

    (d) Governor General of Bengal at the time of passing of Pitt's India Act - Lord Minto

    32. Consider the following statements:

    1. Asaf Ali looked after the work of Railway Ministry in the interim Government (1946)

    2. 'Ancient Monuments Preservation Act' was passed when Lord Curzon was Governor General.

    3. The Haripura Session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by C.R. Das.

    4. Swami Shraddhanand suggested no-tax campaign as a protest against the Rowlatt Act.

    Of these statements:

    (a) Only 1 and 2 are correct.

    (b) Only 2 and 3 are correct. .

    (c) Only 1, 2 and 4 are correct.

    (d) Only 1, 2 and 3 are correct.

    33. D, E, F are respectively the mid points of sides BC, CA and AB of the triangle ABC. The ratio of the area of  DEF : MBC is

    (a) 1: 2

    (b) 1: 3

    (c) 1: 4  

    (d) None of these

    34. Ritu can row downstream 20 km. in 2 hours and upstream 4 km. in 2 hours. The speed of the current in km/hour is

    (a) 2      

    (b) 4      

    (c) 6      

    (d) 8

    35. There are three consecutive positive integers such that the sum of square of first and the product of the other two is 154. Then the largest number is

    (a) 8      

    (b) 9      

    (c) 10

    (d) 11

    36. The rain water from a roof 22 m x 20 m drains into a cylindrical vessel having base diameter 2 m and height 3.5 m. If the vessel is just full, the rainfall in cm. is:

    (a) 2.0

    (b) 2.5  

    (c) 3.0

    (d) 3.5

    37. If LCM of 15, 25, 30, x is 300, the minimum value of x is

    (a) 20    

    (b) 12   

    (c) 4      

    (d) 1

    38. The ages of 8 family members in years are 2, 5, 8, 11, 31, 35, 55, 59. The median of the ages is

    (a) 21 years        

    (b) 31 years

    (c) 11 years        

    (d) 8 years

    39. ' The population of a city 4 years earlier was 83521. If the present population of the city is 104976, the percentage of annual growth in the population is

    (a) 3.66%            

    (b) 4.72%

    (c) 5.38%             

    (d) 5.88%

    40. In how many years Rs 6,000 will become Rs 6,945.75 at the rate of 5% compound interest?

    (a) 2 years          

    (b) 3 years

    (c) 3(1/2) years                

    (d) 2(1/2) years

    41. The purchase price of 20 horses is equal to the sale price of 16 horses. The percentage of benefit is

    (a) 16%

    (b) 20%

    (c) 25%

    (d) 30%

    42. The diagonals of a quadrilateral ABCD intersect each other at the point 0, such that

    then the quadrilateral ABCD is

    (a) a rectangle  

    (b) a square

    (c) a parallelogram

    (d) a trapezium

    43. The age of a father is three times that of his son. After 5 years the double of father's age will be five times of the age of the son. The present age of father and son is

    (a) 30 years, 10 years

    (b) 45 years, 15 years

    (c) 36 years, 12 years

    (d) 42 years, 14 years

    44. 3 men or 5 women can do a work in 12 days. How long will 6 men and 5 women take to do the same work?

    (a) 6 days

    (b) 5 days

    (c) 4 days            

    (d) 3 days

    45. A fraction becomes 112 on subtracting 1 from the numerator and adding 2 to the denominator and reduces to 1/3 on subtracting 7 from the numerator and 2 from the denominator. The fraction is

    (a) 5/6

    (b) 11/14

    (c) 13/20

    (d) 15/26

    46. The length of canvas 1.1 m wide required to build a conical tent of height 14 m and the floor area 346.5 sq.m. is         

     (a) 490 m           

    (b) 525 m

    (c) 665 m             

    (d) 860 m

    47. If (x + 1) and (x - 2) are factors of x3 + ax2 - bx - 6, then the values of a and b are

    (a) -2 and -5       

    (b)  2 and-5

    (c) -2 and 5         

    (d) 2 and 5

    48. The sum of the squares of two positive numbers is' 208. If the square of the bigger number is 18 times the smaller number, the numbers are

    (a) (10,11)          

    (b) (12,8)

    (c) (108, 1)          

    (d) None of these

    49. If the perimeter of a certain rectangle is 76 and its area is 360, then what is the length of its shortest side?

    (a) 36    

    (b) 20   

    (c) 18

    (d) 12

    50. According to a report published recently by 'Stockholm Research Peace International Institute, the biggest arms importing country in the world is

    (a) China

    (b) India

    (c) Pakistan

    (d) South Korea

    51. The Chinese new year beginning from 10th February 2013 is known as the

    (a) Year of Dragon

    (b) Year of Horse

    (c) Year of Ox

    (d) Year of Snake

    52. At which place India has been placed in 2013 World Press Freedom Index?

    (a) 125th

    (b) 80th

    (c) 135th

    (d) 140th

    53. Who was the winner of Wimbledon 2013 (Men's Singles) title?

    (a) Andy Murray

    (b) Juan Martin Del Potro

    (c) Novak Djkovick

    (d) Roger Federer

    54. Who was the Captain of the Indian Hockey Team which participated in 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament?

    (a) Danish Mujtaba

    (b) Gurjinder Singh

    (c) Kothajit Singh

    (d) Rupinder Pal Singh

    55. Solutions of the simultaneous equations 5x + 7y = 21 and

    3x - 9y = 15

    (d) None of these

    56. In Uttar Pradesh, Government Medical Colleges are going to be established in

    (a) Bijnor and Sultanpur

    (b) Buddaun and Jaunpur

    (c) Bulandshahar and Hardoi

    (d) Etah and Pratapgarh

    57.  In Uttar Pradesh I.T. City is being established in

    (a) Allahabad

    (b) Kanpur

    (c) Lucknow

    (d) Varanasi

    58. Who among the following was conferred Padma Vibhushan in 2013?

    (a) Adi B. Godrej

    (b) Dr. Kanak Rele

    (c) Dr. V.K. Saraswat

    (d) Prof R. Narsimha

    59. At the 85th Academy Awards function held in February 2013, the Oscar for the best film was won by

    (a) Argo

    (b) Les Miserables

    (c) Life of Pi

    (d) Lincoln

    60. John Kerry, who has been recently appointed the Secretary of State of U.S.A., was just before the appointment the

    (a) Chairman of the Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs:

    (b) Adviser to the President in Defence matters.

    (c) U.S. Ambassador to UNO.

    (d) None of the above.

    61. The "Transaction Fee" which has been banned by a recent Supreme Court order from being realised from customers relates to

    (a) Sea journey

    (b) Air journey

    (c) Rail journey

    (d) Road journey

    62. Apart from the Satellite 'SARAL' ISRO launched six more satellites on 25-2-2013 from Sriharikota belonging to some other countries whose number was

    (a) 6

    (b) 5

    (c) 4

    (d) 3

    63. 2015 Cricket World Cup will be held in

    (a) England

    (b) Australia and New Zealand

    (c) South Africa

    (d) West Indies

    64. Who was declared "Man of the Series" in India Australia Test Series held in February - March 2013?

    (a) Cheteshwara Pujara

    (b) M.S. Dhoni

    (c) Ravindra Jadeja

    (d) R. Ashwin

    65. In January 2013, Melos Zeman has been elected President of

    (a) Czech Republic

    (b) Greece

    (c) Serbia

    (d) Slovakia

    66. Which one of the following is the World's newest nation?

    (a) Eritrea

    (b) Ethiopia

    (c) Congo

    (d) South Sudan

    67. Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC?

    (a) India

    (b) Pakistan

    (c) Combodia

    (d) Nepal

    68. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

    List - I                                                                         List - II

    A. Central Rice Research Institute                 1. Jhansi

    B.Directorate of Farming Systems Research    2. Bhopal
    C. Indian Institute of Soil Science                  3. Cuttack
    D. National Centre for Agro-Forestry Research  4. Meerut


           A        B          C           D

    (a)  3       4             2              1

    (b)  1       2             3              4

    (c)  4       3             1              2

    (d)  2       1             3              4

    69. Which one of the following is covered under the "Victim Compensation Scheme" of the Uttar Pradesh Government notified in February 2013?

    1.Victims of murder

    2.Victims of sexual assaults

    3.War victims

    4.Victims of acid attack

    Select the correct answer from the code given below:


    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 2, 3 and 4

    (c) Only 1, 2 and 4

    (d) All the four

    70. India and France entered into a defence deal on 14-2-2013 worth Rs. 30,000 crores to develop jointly:
    (a) Surface to Air Missile

    (b) Surface to Surface Missile

    (c) Air to Air Missile

    (d) Air to Surface Missile

    71. Which one of the following missiles has been launched on 12-3-2013 from Chandipur in Odisha?

    (a) Akash

    (b) Prithvi – 2

    (c) Nirbhay

    (d) Naag

    72. 'AGMARK' is related with
    (a) Processing

    (b) Quality

    (c) Packaging

    (d) None of the above

    73. The National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research is located at

    (a) New Delhi

    (b) Kolkata

    (c) Hyderabad

    (d) Bhopal

    74. The minimum support price fixed by Government for the purchase of Wheat in 2013 is

    (a) Rs. 1280/quintal

    (b) Rs. 1300/quintal

    (c) Rs. 1350/quintal

    (d) Rs. 1380/quintal

    75. Dwarfing gene in Wheat is

    (a) Norin – 10

    (b) Dee-gee-woo-gen

    (c) Opaque - 2

    (d) None of the above

    76. Demand of agricultural products is found to be

    (a) Elastic

    (b) Zero elastic

    (c) Inelastic

    (d) Infinite elastic

    77. When the total product remains constant, the marginal product will be

    (a) Zero

    (b) Negative

    (c) Positive

    (d) Constant

    78. Which one of the following statements is not true?

    (a) Kaushal is a variety of Rice.

    (b) First Agricultural University in India was established in the year 1960.

    (c) Kerala State is the highest producer of Coconut.

    (d) Highest production of pulses is obtained from the State of Rajasthan.

    79. The number of Agro-Climatic Zones in U.P. is

    (a) 5

    (b) 7

    (c) 9

    (d) 11

    80. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a)  Dr. B.P. Pal was the first Director General of I. C.A.R.

    (b) India's rank in rice production in the World is second.

    (c) Soya bean seed contains 20% oil and 40% Protein.

    (d) 'Aman' rice is sown in March - April.

    81. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) The pulse crop which does not fix nitrogen from atmosphere is Rajma.

    (b) PBW-343 and DBW-17 are varieties of wheat.

    (c) Khaira disease of rice can be controlled by spraying zinc sulphate.

    (d) UP AS-120 is a variety of gram.

    82. The Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine and Storage is located at

    (a) Ahmadabad

    (b) Hyderabad

    (c) Faridabad

    (d) New Delhi

    83. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) The fibre length of cotton is 1-5 cm.

    (b) Boron is a micro nutrient.

    (c)  Recommended dose of fertilizer (kg/ha) for Pusa Basmati Rice is N (120), P (60), K (60).

    (d) Edible part of apple is mesocarp.

    84. Which type of market is suitable for vegetable crops?

    (a) Short term

    (b) Very short term

    (c) Long term

    (d) Very long term

    85. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) Storage quality of apple is reduced due to -the deficiency of Calcium.

    (b) West Bengal is the highest vegetable producing State in India.

    (c) Linseed oilseed crop can be grown throughout the year.

    (d) Third generation pesticide was first proposed by C.M. Williams.

    86. Consider the following statements:

    1. Highest production of wheat in India is obtained from the State of D.P.

    2. Cropping pattern occupying highest area in U.P. is rice-wheat.

    3. An extension worker does not need political competency.

    4. The most critical stage of irrigation in wheat is flowering stage.

    Which of these statements are correct?

    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 2 and 3

    (c) Only 1, 2 and 4

    (d) Only 1, 2 and 3

    87.  Yeast is an example of

    (a) bacteria

    (b) fungus

    (c) virus

    (d) algae

    88. Chlorophyll contains

    (a) Iron

    (b) Copper

    (c) Magnesium

    (d) Manganese

    89. The apparatus used for detecting lie is known as

    (a) Polygraph

    (b) Pyrometer

    (c) Gyroscope

    (d) Kymograph

    90. Food Poisoning (Botulism) is caused by infection of a species of

    (a) Azotobacter

    (b) Lacto bacillus

    (c) Clostridium

    (d) Rhizobium

    91. Desert plants are generally

    (a) Viviparous

    (b) Succulent

    (c) Herbaceous

    (d) Heterophyllous

    92. The virus responsible for AIDS is an example of

    (a) Adeno virus

    (b) Mosaic virus

    (c) T-even virus

    (d) Retro virus

    93. Which one of the following animals has three chambered heart?

    (a) Monkey

    (b) Crocodile

    (c) Fish

    (d) Frog

    94. Consider the following statements:

    1. Weeping jelly is due to excess of acid.

    2. Biofertilizer most suited to sugar cane is Rhizobium.

    3. Plants grown in salt water are called Thallophytes.

    4. Dormancy breaking hormone is Cytokinin.

    Which of these statements are correct?

    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 2 and 3

    (c) Only 3 and 4

    (d) Only 4 and 1

    95. The hormone related to drought tolerance is

    (a) Abscisic acid

    (b) Gibberellin

    (c) Indole Acetic acid

    (d) Cytokinin

    96.  Hekistotherms are plants growing in

    (a) bright light

    (b) high temperature

    (c) very low temperature

    (d) very low light

    97. DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics Research Centre is situated at

    (a) Pune

    (b) New Delhi

    (c) Hyderabad

    (d) Kolkata

    98.  Which system or arrangement connects micro computer with telephone?

    (a) VDU

    (b) MODEM

    (c) UNIX

    (d) All the above

    99. Which one of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?

    (a) Diesel

    (b) Coal

    (c) Hydrogen

    (d) Kerosene

     100. Which one of the following can be used to measure temperature above 1500 °C?

    (a) Clinical Thermometer

    (b) Thermocouple Thermometer

    (c) Platinum Resistance Thermometer

    (d) Pyrometer

    101. The radio isotope used in the detection of tumour is

    (a) Arsenic -74

    (b) Cobalt - 60

    (c) Sodium - 24

    (d) Carbon - 14

    102. Which one of the following vitamins is helpful in keeping a dream in memory for a longer duration?

    (a) Vitamin A

    (b) Vitamin D

    (c) Vitamin B-6

    (d) Vitamin C

    103. "Sky Dive" is the name of Cloud Computing Service of which one of the following companies?

    (a) Vodafone:

    (b) BSNL

    (c) Microsoft

    (d) None of the above

    104. The highest temperature attained by a super conductor is

    (a) 24 K                

    (b) 133 K

    (c) 150 K              

    (d) 300 K

    105. An air bubble in water will act like a

    (a) Convex mirror

    (b) Concave lens

    (c) Concave mirror

    (d) Convex lens

    106. Which one of the following SI units is not correctly matched?

    (a) Work - Joule

    (b) Force - Newton

    (c) Mass- Kg

    (d) Pressure – Dyne

    107. In the end of September 2012, India has successfully launched its heaviest communication Satellite named

    (a) OCEAN SAT (IRS P-4)

    (b) LANDSAT - 10

    (c) GSAT - 10

    (d) SPOT

    108. Wherefrom was the 100th space mission of ISRO launched in September 2012?

    (a) Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh)

    (b) Mahendragiri (Tamil Nadu)

    (c) Thumba (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

    (d) Bangluru (Karnataka)

    109. The modern Brahmos Supersonic Missile like technology has been developed by India in collaboration with              

    (a) U.S.A.            

    (b) Russia           

    (c) France           

    (d) Japan

    110. Which one of the following States of India has the highest urban density of population?

    (a) Maharashtra

    (b) Punjab

    (c) Tamil Nadu

    (d) West Bengal

    111. Which one of the following countries has the lower density of population?                

    (a) Canada         

    (b) Finland

    (c) Norway         

    (d) Russia

    112. Under the Nuclear Power Projects, Environmental Effects that have to be studied and resolved are (a) Radioactive contamination of air, soil and water.

    (b) Deforestation and loss of flora and fauna.

    (c) Radioactive waste disposal.

    (d) All of the above.

    113. What name has been given by NASA to the rock on Mars which was drilled into for the first time by Curiosity Rover in February 2013?

    (a) John Grotzinger

    (b) John Klein

    (c) Martian Rock

    (d) Patrick Scheurmann

    114. The recently released film "Kai Po Che" is based on the novel:

    (a) Lashkar

    (b) The Loving Doll

    (c) The Story of My Marriage

    (d) The 3 Mistakes of My Life

    115.  Which one of the following is not included in the Household Misery Index (HMI), which measures the impact of population explosion on quality of life?

    (a) Pucca House

    (b) Safe drinking water

    (c) Low age at marriage

    (d) Fuel to cook food

    116. Which among the following committee's recommendations are used for estimating the poverty line in India?

    (a) Dutt Committee

    (b) Lakdawala Committee

    (c) Chelliah Committee

    (d) Chakravarty Committee

    117. Poverty level in India is established on the basis of

    (a) Per capita income in different states.

    (b) Household average income.

    (c) Household consumer expenditure.

    (d) Slum population in the country.

    118. When was Forest Conservation Act passed in India?             

    (a) 1978               

    (b) 1979

    (c) 1980               

    (d) 1981

    119. Market is an economic tendency, which leads to which of the following trends?

    (a) Individualism

    (b) Consumerism

    (c) Holism           

    (d) Capitalism

    120. Which one of the following does not contribute to the rural economy?

    (a) Pastoralism

    (b) Cottage industry

    (c) Practice of lending personal money

    (d) Accessibility of good tools

    121. In South Asia, the country with the largest percentage of aged population is

    (a) Bhutan          

    (b) India

    (c) Nepal             

    (d) Sri Lanka

    122. A letter of credit is produced by

    (a) an exporter

    (b) an importer

    (c) Custom authorities

    (d) Shipping company

    123. The most appropriate measure of a country's economic growth is

    (a) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    (b) Net Domestic Product

    (c) Net National Product

    (d) Per Capita Product

     124. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) 'Golden Hand Shake Scheme' relates to voluntary retirement.

    (b) The real ownership of a joint stock company remains with the shareholders.

    (c) According to Human Development Report - 2010 in India, the mean year of schooling and expected year of schooling respectively is: 4.4 and 10.3.

    (d) In the context of India's Population Projection, the concept 'Age quake' is related to Child Age population.

    125. The rate of interest at which Reserve Bank of India lends short term funds to the Commercial Banks is known as

    (a) Repo Rate

    (b) Reverse Repo Rate

    (c) Prime Lending Rate (PLR)

    (d) None of the above

    126. Indicate the wrong pair among the following:

    (a) Kanpur - Leather

    (b) Varanasi - Cement

    (c) Meerut - Sugar

    (d) Saharanpur - Paper

    127. The twentieth Nuclear Power Station of India is

    (a) Tarapur

    (b) Rawat Bhata

    (c) Kaiga (Karnataka)

    (d) Narora (U.P.)

    128. Consider the following statements:

    1. Uttar Pradesh is not known as a State having longest road length in India.

    2. Reserve Bank of India sanctions exchange for import of goods.

    3. Urbanisation is characterized by migration of people from rural areas to urban areas.

    4. Indus Project was the joint project of the Labour Departments of India and Canada.

    Which of these statements are correct?

    (a) Only 1 and 2

    (b) Only 2 and 3

    (c) Only 1, 2 and 4

    (d) Only 1, 2 and 3

    129. Which one of the following cities of California (USA) is not located within the "Silicon Valley"?

    (a) Campbell     

    (b) Palo Alto

    (c) Santa Rosa   

    (d) Santa Clara

    130. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

    List - I                  List - II

    A. Cocoa          1. Ivory Coast

    B. Coffee         2. Kenya

    C. Tea             3. South Africa

    D. Sugar Cane  4. Ghana


    A             B             C             D

    (a)          3             2              1              4

    (b)          4              1              2              3

    (c)           1              4              3              2

    (d)          2              3              4              1

    131. The longest rock tunnel of the world is located in

    (a) Finland          

    (b) Greenland

    (c) Japan             

    (d) Sweden

    132. Which of the following regions is the original habitat of 'Toda Tribe’?

    (a) Jaunsar Hills

    (b) Garo Hills

    (c) Niligiri Hills

    (d) Jaintia Hills

    133. Which one of the following statements is not correct?         

    (a) The country which does not belong to group of BALKANS is Bosnia.

    (b) North eastern part of Australia is not affected by Mediterranean climate.

    (c)  The Nova Scotia Coal field lies in Kazakhstan.

    (d) At present China is the country in the world which is the largest producer of cotton.

    134. Which one of the following is not temperate grass land?

    (a) Savanna       

    (b) Pampas

    (c) Veld               

    (d) Downs

    135. The largest proven oil reserve of the world lies in

    (a) Venezuela   

    (b) Saudi Arabia

    (c) Iran

    (d) Iraq

    136. India has been divided into how many Seismic Risk Zones?

    (a) 5      

    (b) 6      

    (c) 4      

    (d) 7

    137. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

    (a) Nangal Dam - Sutlej river

    (b) Sardar Sarovar Project - Narmada river.

    (c) Nagarjun Sagar - Godavari river

    (d) Hirakud Dam - Mahanadi

    138. Which one of the following Aluminium Companies has been given "Navaratna Status" by the Government of India ?

    (a) NALCO

    (b) BALCO

    (c) HINDALCO

    (d) MALCO

    139. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

    List - I                    List - II

    (Tribe)                 (Region)

    A. Bhotia              1. Tamil Nadu

    B. Toda                2. Jharkhand

    C. Sentenel         3. Sikkim

    D. Birhor              4. Andaman Nicobar Islands


    A             B             C             D

    (a)          3              1              4              2

    (b)          2              3              4              1             

    (c)           3              4              2              1             

    (d)          4              2              1              3

    140. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

    (a) Lipulekh - Uttarakhand

    (b) Nathula - Arunachal Pradesh

    (c) Rohtang - Himachal Pradesh

    (d) Palghat - Kerala

    141. Which of the following longitudes is known as ‘Standard Meridian' in India?

    (a) 87° 30' E        

    (b) 85° 30' E

    (c) 84° 30' E        

    (d) 82° 30' E

    142. Which one of the following statements is not correct?         

    (a) Bihar State is the highest producer of lac in India.      

    (b) Planning Commission has divided India into Agro Climatic Regions.

    (c) Kunchikal waterfall is located in Karnataka State of India.

    (d) Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of rice in India.

    143. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

    List - I                                    List - II

    (National Park)                     Location)

    A. Kaziranga                      1. Chikmagalur

    B. Kudremukh                    2. Palghat

    C. Silent Valley                  3. Nagpur

    D. Pench Valley                  4. Golaghat-Nawgaon

    Codes :

    A             B             C             D

    (a)          3              4              2              I

    (b)          4             1              2              3

    (c)           2              4              1              3

    (d)          1              3              4              2

    144. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

    List - I                                                                    List - II

    (Feature)                                                             (State)

    A. Most urbanised State                          1. Delhi

    B. State having largest urban population   2. Arunachal Pradesh

    C. Most densely populated State              3. Maharashtra

    D. Least densely populated State             4. Tamil Nadu


                 A             B             C             D

    (a)         1              2            3              4

    (b)         4              3            2              1

    (c)          3              2            1              4

    (d)         4              3            1              2

    145. Which one of the following eco regions of India is not correctly matched?

    (a) South Western Ghats - Moist forests

    (b) Tarai Duar     - Broad leaf forests

    (c) Rann of Kutch - Grasslands

    (d) Eastern Deccan Plateau - Moist forests

    146. Which one of the following is not a Directive Principle of State Policy?

    (a) Prohibition of the consumption of intoxicating drinks.

    (b) Prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves.

    (c) Protection and improvement of environment.

    (d) Free education for the children up to age of 16 years.

    147. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

    (a) K.M. Munshi was one of the members of the drafting committee of the Constitution.

    (b) The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly.

    (c) The Panchayati Raj was recommended by Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report 1957.

    (d) The President of India is the guardian of Fundamental Rights under the Constitution.

    148. Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

    List - I                              List - II

    (Centre)                          (Industry)

    A. Kankinara              1. Carpet

    B. Virudhnagar           2. Jute

    C. Channapatna         3. Cotton Textile

    D. Bhadohi                4. Silk


                  A             B             C             D

    (a)          1             2              3              4

    (b)          4              3              2              1

    (c)           2              3              4              1

    (d)          3              2              I               4

    149. The objective of Indian Constitution is reflected in which of the following?

    (a) Fundamental Rights

    (b) Preamble of the Constitution

    (c) Directive Principles of State Policy

    (d) Parliament

    150. Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

    (a) Right to Equality

    (b) Right Against Exploitation

    (c) Right to Property

    (d) Right to Freedom of Religion

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