UPSEE Solved Chemistry Question Paper 2013

In this article, engineering aspirants will find UPSEE Chemistry Question Paper 2013 along with the detailed solution of each question explained by Subject Experts of Chemistry.

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UPSEE Solved Chemistry Question Paper 2013
UPSEE Solved Chemistry Question Paper 2013

In this article, the engineering section is providing you Fully Solved Chemistry Question Paper of UPSEE 2013. Students will also find the detailed solution of each question along with the correct option.

This solved paper will help students to understand the pattern and difficulty level of the examination. It will help students in their final level of preparation. It has also been seen that sometimes questions are repeated in UPSEE Exam.

The questions were mainly asked from the topics like Isomerism, Mole concept and Solubility, Aromatic Compounds and Huckel’s rule(4n + 2) rule, Solution, Stability of carbocations, Extraction of Metals, Alkadiene, Electrolytic cell, Oxidation number of Coordination complexes, Thermodynamics, Molarity and Molality, Formula of density of crystal, Bond energy, Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic compounds, Ionisation energies, Shapes and hybridization of molecules, Name Reactions, IUPAC nomenclature etc, Molar concept, Radioactivity and half life of radioactive substance, hydrogen spectrum, Concept of  activation energy, Enthalpy change, concepts of endothermic and exothermic reactions etc.

Few sample questions from the Solved Chemistry Question Paper are given below:


The pairs of compounds which cannot exist together in a solution is

(a) NaHCO3 and NaOH

(b) Na2CO3 and NaOH

(c) Na2CO3 and NaHCO3

(d) NaHCO3 and NaCl


NaHCO3 can act as either an acid or a base so it is called amphoteric. When it is dissolved in water, the

pH will be slightly higher than 7, which is basic. Hence, combined with NaOH (a strong base), it gives

carbonate and water.

NaHCO3 + NaOH → Na2CO3 + H2O

That's why NaHCO3 and NaOH cannot exist together in solution whereas, Na2CO3 is slightly basic and NaCI is neutral, thus doesn't react with NaHCO3.

Important formulae from Physical Chemistry for JEE, WBJEE and UPSEE


Which are of the following is a false statement?

(a) Cell fluid is an example of sol

(b) Butter is an example of gel

(c) Hair cream is an example of emulsion

(d) Cheese is an example of foam


Cheese is not an example of foam, in fact it is an example of gel in which dispersion medium is solid and dispersed phase is liquid.


UPSEE Chemistry Paper 2013


UPSEE Chemistry Paper 2013


The correct order of basic strength of the following are

UPSEE 2013 Solved Chemistry Paper Question 46

(a) 1 > 2 > 3 > 4                     

(b) 4 > 2 > 3 > 1

(c) 3 > 4 > 2 > 1                      

(d) 3 > 2 > 4 > 1


We know that electron-releasing group increases the basic strength and electron withdrawing group decreases the basic strength of -NH2 group.

In compound (1), the group is planked between two electron withdrawing groups,

Therefore, it is least basic among all.

In compound (2), –NH– is attached with one electron withdrawing group –CO– and one electron releasing group –CH3.

Therefore, it is a bit basic than compound (1).

In compound (4) –COCH3, group is attached to aniline ring, not directly with –NH2 group.

Therefore, it is more basic than compound (2).

In compound (3), –NH2 is attached to only one electron releasing' group (–CH2 –)

Therefore, it is most basic among all compounds.

Thus, the correct order of basic strength will be 3 > 4 > 2 > 1.

Hence, the correct option is (c).

Students can use the links given below to view solved question paper of Chemistry.

UPSEE Solved Chemistry Question Paper







This solved will help students to understand the paper pattern and difficulty level. After going through the complete paper students can know about the important topics of Chemistry subject.

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