Which job is best for girls between Bank PO and Bank Clerk?

Both Bank PO and Bank Clerk job has its benefits and limitations for women candidates. It depends upon the circumstances and orientation of the women candidates to choose their suitable career option. The Bank PO and clerical jobs could be acquired after regular hard work and patience. Thus women candidates should make their decisions wisely, keeping every aspect in mind beforehand.

Lakhs of aspiring candidates take up the entrance examination, offering banking jobs for various openings. These candidates undergo continuous practice and preparation to crack the written test and personal interview round in order to get placed as Bank Probationary Officers and Bank Clerks. In the last few years many women aspirants have also moved towards banking sector, due to its secure career option and opportunity for growth. There are quite a few factors associated with each of the posts in banking, which consist both pro and cons, for the women candidates working in the banking sector.

Pro and Cons of women candidates joining as Bank PO

Women candidates joining as Bank PO have generally faced frequent transfer frequent in initial years. These candidates might get posted at any part of the country as bank PO, according to the requirement of the banks. They have the provision to travel the entire country during their years of service. However, Government has made major allowances for public sector employees by giving preferential treatment in transfers to women staff separated from families.  Joining as Bank PO provides the opportunity for career growth and allows the candidates to escalate to the manager post within a period of 5-7 years. It can be a really satisfactory post with various benefits, perks and services along with a handsome salary.

But along with so many pros the Bank PO job contains quite a few cons for the women candidates as well. Married women face enormous challenges, working as a Bank PO as it involves long, irregular working hours and unplanned journeys. They might get posted or transferred into far off regions, which might create familial problems. Women with kids find it most challenging to work as PO, as there are no fixed time for returning home and spend time with the kids. Though, generally the women candidates do not get placed in rural regions for posting, they could often be transferred to semi-urban or in rare cases rural areas, where the bank requires them. It creates enormous problems for the women to adjust to such places and work under pressure.

Pro and Cons of Bank Clerk Job for women

Many women candidates prefer bank clerk job due to less pressure and fixed working hours. They might have to undergo cash transactions, passbook updating, money transfer, NEFT, RTGS, account opening, maintaining fixed deposits and various other banking functions on a daily basis. These works generally involves customer interaction. They need to be humble and polite to the customers, which is why women candidates make it a good choice in the banks as clerks. There are no risks of rural postings and transfers for women candidates and thus they can be assured of their career, without the risk of leaving job for marriage or any other personal reasons. The most important factor of bank clerical job is its flexibility and provision of working according to the set pattern, without worrying much about bringing business for the bank.

Along with some benefits, the clerical job comes with the most dissatisfying aspect, which is the pay scale. The payment has remained quite low for the clerical posts, even after the recent inclusion of payment restructuring in the banking sector. Stagnant career and lack of promotional opportunities are another part of the coin, in the clerical job. Often, people at banks have to face the wrath of the angry customers, which can go real harsh for women working in the banks.

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