Written Ability Test (WAT) in IIM`s Selection Procedure

Understand what are Written Ability Tests (WATs). WATs are to be conducted at new IIMs in place of Group Discussions as part of the Selection procedure.

As heard latest, newer IIMs have substituted the Group Discussion round with a Written Ability Test (WAT) spanning for a shorter period, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

For more clarity on the above mentioned thought, the best among the IIMs, IIM-A gives only 10  minutes time to write an essay to pick the best of the talents whereas IIM-B gives you some breathing space while writing- up to 30 minutes.


What on earth would someone write in 10 minutes? The most important trick to handle WAT is to neglect this question.

Do not think what to write as you have only 10 minutes to reserve your berth in the most prestigious IIM. Roll your pen along with your thought process.

 It is better to think what on Earth would someone expect out of a candidate to write in ten minutes. WAT may want to just check:

  • How do you present your information in a short span of time?
  • Are you accurate, nervous when put under pressure?
  • How fast you can analyze when you run out of time?
  • How logical your reasoning ability is?

Well that consummates it.

Why writing test?

Why would someone write, in an era of tablets and mobile devices?

 At a time when everything is being made as short as possible, why prestigious B-schools make use of a technique to analyze a candidates’ writing ability, for instance, Written Ability Test (WAT) in IIMs.

It may sound completely illogical when giving a thought about it, as there is also a plausible argument that, writing ability doesn’t actually measure the skills that one must master to excel in his every day professional life.

On the contrary, in a world of growing competition, it is of paramount importance to welcome the best talents on board on to a hectic business career.

Even though, writing tests and other similar testing practices may or may not help in your daily professional chores, it is undoubtedly one of the best possible methods to fathom your intellect.


Observe and Think Verbally:

If you are habituated to observe things around you, you are going to make it. Sounds good? Well, try this! Just look around when you jog or sip a cup of coffee and try articulating your thoughts that runs in your mind.

Give it a structure and think verbally. How could be your thoughts be transformed into words to make a layman understand.

And more importantly, do not roam around with a pen and a notepad.

Because such skills cannot be developed overnight by reading more words from a dictionary, but need to be brought out from within.


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