XAT 2019: Know Important Decision making questions expected in the exam

XAT 2019 Decision making section comprises of more than 20 questions that judges the thinking, analytical and interpretation skills of a candidate from managerial perspective. The Decision making section in XAT 2019 exam is an integral and interesting component of the exam as it carries great relevance in escalating the overall percentile of the exam-takers.

XAT decision making questions
XAT decision making questions

XAT 2019- Decision making section is unique to XAT 2019 exam and contains a combination of managerial, behavioural and mathematical questions. It is not about testing theoretical knowledge of a candidate but about the basic assumptions of his thinking and whether he is able to understand real-life problems that are presented as cases in these questions. XAT 2019 Decision making section comprises of more than 20 questions that judges the thinking, analytical and interpretation skills of a candidate from managerial perspective. The Decision making section in XAT 2019 exam is an integral and interesting component of the exam as it carries great relevance in escalating the overall percentile of the exam-takers.

Candidates can score high percentile in the decision making section if their logical and analytical skills are sharp and they possess a keen eye for observation.

So, before you get ready to appear in the XAT 2019 exam which is scheduled to take place on January 6, 2018. Here is the list of few questions from the decision making section that you can refer at the last minute and practise for it in short span of time.

Here are 10 guess questions from the XAT Decision making section, which you can expect in the exam this year. Questions on similar pattern can be asked from the candidates in the exam. Read on to find out and check your score:

Question 1:

You are the Marketing Manager of a newly established-KPO and are on the lookout for talented and hard-working people who can serve on the team. One of the applicants is Amit, an engineering graduate from a mid-level institute but comes from an impoverished background. Because of this, his communication skills are not quite up to the mark and you are in two minds whether to hire him or not. As far as his school records are concerned, they are up to the mark in all subjects, barring one, that is English. Because of the above, you are uncertain about hiring Amit and are not sure whether he would fit in the young crowd at your KPO.
If you are the Marketing Manager in concern, what would you do in the given situation?

A. Explain the situation to Amit, and help him understand why you could not hire him.
B. I would hire him without even it giving it a second thought case and the job itself would help him learn the art of effective communication.
C. I would identify the specific role that is suitable for his skill-set and make sure his shortcomings are overcome with the right assistance and training.
D. Provide him with resources that can help him improve his communication so that he can apply for other jobs at a suitable time.
E. I would help him find a job in another industry that does not require any communication skill at all.

Question 2:

In the last 1 year, People Telecom, a major American telecom company, has seen its 2G users drop by 25%. During the same period of time, the revenue earned by the company has increased by 15% and consequently, the company has attracted significant foreign investments. This behavior of the company stock has raised speculation about the conduct of the company and most people find its performance inexplicable.

Which, out of the following, accounts for a possible explanation for the increase in revenue of People Telecom and the subsequent investments it has attracted?

A. The company has successfully warded-off a takeover bid and is seen in control by all stakeholders, thus inspiring confidence in its consumers.

B. The company has expanded in new territories, such as Europe, and soon hopes to reap in rewards from these areas.

C. The company has increased the number of free services to its existing customers, thus rewarding them for their loyalty.

D. The number of telecom companies in the last 2 years has decreased significantly, especially after the scams pertaining to 2G spectrum allocation.

E. The company holds the pan-American 4G license, and has leased to these at significant premium to other telecom companies.

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Question 3:

Purushottam sends a batch of sweets to the Police station across the street every day. Ratan construed it as a bribe and wanted to stop this practice.

Which of the following arguments, IF TRUE, would BEST convince Ratan NOT to give up this practice?

A. In the last three years, three attempts to burgle Puru and Sons were effectively foiled by the Police.

B. Each policeman receives only two pieces of sweet, too small to be considered a bribe.

C. The police in return send two policemen in mufti to mingle with the customers during rush hours to prevent pickpockets.

D. Every day, Purushottam also sends a batch of sweets to the school next to the station, an orphanage nearby and the temple at the end of the street.

E. Purushottam’s competitor Uttampurush who runs a sweetshop in the same street and his neighbour Mahapurush who runs a samosa stall, both do similar things every day.

Question 4:

Over the last years, Bank of Bharat has seen the number of its retail customer accounts drop by over 40 percent. Over the same period, the share price of Bank of Bharat has increased by more than 80 percent. This amazed a few investors, who believe that a bank’s share price should drop if its number of customers drops. Which of the following, if true over the last years, best accounts for the observed movement in the price of Bank of Bharat’s equity shares?

A. Two years ago Securities and exchange Board started an investigation on the bank for accounting irregularities, but last year the company was cleared of all charges.

B. The bank recently implemented a highly publicized program for free home loans.

C. The bank has been switching its customer base from retail customers to commercial customers, which now accounts for over 75 percent of the bank’s revenues.

D. There have been many new banks, which have entered retail banking business over the last five years .

E. The bank is known to be the best playmate in the industry.

Question 5:

You run an Advertising company and you have divided the Advertising operations team into 15 clusters. Each cluster has one head, who reports to you, and the cluster head has five members who report to him. Every year, the cluster with the best output wins the annual performance award accompanied with some perks for each of its members. Each cluster has its distinct name, generally provided by the cluster head. The ‘Dark-Knights’ cluster had performed the best during the last two years, and its head, Shankar Kashyap had also been rated as the best cluster head consistently. But this year’s results have been surprising.

Even though Kashyap has been still rated highly by the other cluster heads, his team is in the middle of the rankings this time.

Which, out of the following, could be the least likely reason for decline in the performance of the ‘Dark-Knights’?

A. The cluster has had toughest projects this year, and hence, finds itself lagging in performance.

B. Two vital members of the team have faced personal issues during the year, and thus have impacted the overall levels of efficiency.

C. The cluster has not been able to learn on the job and have suffered from poor directions.

D. The cluster-members of the last two years have been replaced and the current ‘Dark-Knights’ bears little resemblance to the teams of the previous two years.

E. The cluster members were not satisfied with the perks given in the last two years and felt de-motivated.

Question 6:

Ajay, Vijay, Jai and Naresh own a fruit shop each on the Hudson lane. They are the only fruit sellers on that street. Each of them offered international quality fruits as well as domestic quality fruits. One evening, all four of them met in a nearby tea stall and agreed to charge Rs.50/- per piece for any international quality fruit especially from the new customers. They also agreed to increase this rate to Rs. 70/- per piece on weekends and holidays. All verbally decided to implement the agreement!

The following day Ajay, being the most exquisite fruit seller, was contemplating charging higher than agreed upon price.

Which of the following would enable him to charge more with minimal violation of the agreement?

A. He should introduce a superior quality dragon fruit at Rs. 75/-.

B. He should open another shop on the same street and charge Rs. 100.

D. He should charge Rs. 115 for a fruit to a particular customer and some fruits free in the next visit.

E. He should open his shop two hours before others and close it two hours after.

Question 7:

Yadav, the MLA of Biswaspur, owes his election success to his close friend and businessman Mishra. The victory had appeared unlikely for Yadav after the arrival of Verma, a budding politician with hordes of money. However, his clean image along with Mishra’s money ensured Yadav’s resounding victory in the election.

Inspired by Verma’s manifesto, Yadav is contemplating a green policy which can adversely affect Ghosh’s business interests.

Which of the following actions from Mishra is likely to convince Yadav NOT to pursue this policy?

A. Request Yadav to defer implementation of the green policy by 3 years, the time needed to make his factory green.

B. Remind Yadav that it is for his clean image that people voted him and not for Verma’s green policy.

C. Warn Yadav that all industrialists will turn against him and despite his clean image he may be hated by the industry.

D. Appeal to Yadav’s sympathy citing the potential loss his business will suffer if the policy were to be implemented.

E. Threaten Yadav that he should not take his loyalty for granted as Verma has invited him to join his party.

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Question 8:

Recruiting Nicky, Manoj and Benita was part of a larger initiative to make the organization attractive to prospective employees. Recently Amelia’s boss informally told her that the trio’s perception of the organization might influence future recruitment from top B-schools. However, the trio had already expressed their unhappiness about the organization to Amelia. She suspected that her promotion due next year might depend on the trio!

Which of the following is the BEST way for Amelia to deal with this situation?

A. Henceforth, she should be lenient with the trio.

B. She should promise the trio an early promotion if they can help her recruit good talent from top B-schools.

C. Henceforth, she should occasionally invite the trio for dinner and informal outings.

D. She should tell her boss that it is unfair to link her promotion to the trio’s behaviour.

E. She should convey the trio’s unhappiness to her boss.

Question 9:

Western Uttar Pradesh has seen immense rainfall in the last two weeks and there is a flood warning that has been released for the region. Considering that it has been raining non-stop for the last 18 hours, and the weather department expects more rainfall in the next 24 hours, the ravines in the region are funning full and are expected to overflow any moment. The Ganges, which flows through the region, is expected to overall, and despite sandbagging and all other efforts, flooding seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The residents of the region, who are primarily farmers, have been advised to evacuate these regions at the earliest, and this means that they would have to leave behind most of their livestock and investments in their farms. The farmers are trying to save what they can and are clinging on to their land till the absolute last moment, in hope that the rain would abate and they would be able to save some of their belongings.

In order to make the right decision, which one of the following managerial attributes is required the most by the District Commissioner of the worst affected regions?

A. Emotional stability

B. Incisive critical thinking

C. Ethical conduct

D. Scrupulousness

E. Swift decision making

Question 10:

The Texlo MUV is a newly launched sports utility vehicle in the market with the whole gambit of accessories and value added features. One of the features added to the car is an enhanced navigation GPS system. Texlo, after it had sold about 200000 MUVs, got to know that in some of the car’s GPS systems, the wiring has some execution flaw that leads to system failure within a few months of use. The flaw crept in because the training given to some of the electricians who fit the system was faulty. Texlo has no way of establishing who fitted these systems in certain car and thus cannot establish the faulty vehicles amongst the whole lot. The company is now faced with a tricky situation: face the ire of its customers or risk a significant loss in reputation by making the flaw public. Which, out of the following, is the correct solution for the company?

A. The company should not make the error public, and repair the ones that report the fault without charging the concerned customer.

B. The company should conduct a survey amongst its customers and try to establish the ones who are facing the problem with the GPS system.

C. The company should make the fault public, and at the same time, publically fire the group of electricians responsible for the flaw.

D. The company should introduce a new variant of car, without any such flaws, and make sure the limelight is completely focused on this product.

E. The company should recall the cars and rectify the errors, whatever maybe the consequences.

After you have solved all the questions from the XAT decision making section, here is the answer key for your reference:  

Answer Key





















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