Brain Teaser: Find The Hidden Words In This Picture in 12 seconds

In this brain teaser picture puzzle, 6 words are scattered around in this image. Find out where these 6 words are hidden and what are these 6 words in 12 seconds or less.
Can you find the 6 hidden words in this brain teaser picture puzzle?
Can you find the 6 hidden words in this brain teaser picture puzzle?

Who doesn't love brain teasers? These engaging puzzles are as challenging as they are entertaining. And if solved regularly can help you become more adept at problem-solving and logical thinking. Brain teasers stimulate your thinking while you try to figure out the answers. And when you do, the sense of satisfaction and pride is beyond compare. 

We hope that you are ready to solve this picture puzzle, where six words are scattered across the image, and give your brain a much-needed exercise. 

So, let’s start.

Brain Teaser: Find The Hidden Words In This Picture

The goal is for you to try and find the six hidden words in the picture in 12 seconds. 

If you can find the words in less than 12 seconds, then that is even more fantastic.

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Let us give you a tiny hint before you start solving the puzzle. 

All of these words are interrelated to what is going on in the image. That’s it for now. 

Get your glasses or magnifying lenses, set the timer to 12 seconds and dive in. 

Look closely at the image below.



Here you can see 4 children and a dog enjoying a game of Basketball, whereas a boy holding a skateboard in his arms is passing by, looking at the other kids playing the game. Now, if you take a closer look at the image, you will notice that there are several words hidden in the picture, a total of six words, to be precise. 

The clock’s ticking. 

Can you spot all 6 words in 16 seconds?

3… 2… and 1.

Sorry, people. The time is up.

Do you know where these words are hidden? And what exactly are these words?

Bravo if you have found out what these words are and where they are hidden. You are a keen observer and possess quick-thinking abilities. 

But even if you have failed to find all six words, that does not take away your skills and knowledge. 

Brain Teaser Answer

The six hidden words blend perfectly with the image. The words are written in faint brush strokes and in the same color as the background of where they are hidden, which makes them even harder to find. So, we can understand if you were unable to find them immediately. Do not fret anymore; we are revealing the brain teaser answers now. 

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  1. SCORE: Look at the tree in the background and the smoke coming out from the chimney near the tree. Combine it all together, and you will get your first word.
  2. DUNK: The red car behind the children hides the 2nd word of the puzzle. The windshield is in the shape of a D, and the side window reveals the other alphabets, U, N, and K.
  3. BASKET: The shrub behind the basketball court spells out the alphabets B, A, S, K, E, and T.
  4. NET: Look at the child in red. If you peep into the kid’s jersey, you will find the letter N. E and T are hidden on the jersey’s sleeve.
  5. SCORE: Look at the girl with the ponytail. Take a closer look at her ponytail, and you will find the fifth word hidden there.
  6. COURT: Do not let the ponytail girl out of your sight. She is hiding the 6th and the last word as well. Look at her shoes, and you will find the last hidden word of this brain teaser.

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We hope you had fun solving this brain teaser picture puzzle. 

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