Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: Color you see first at centre of circle tells what kind of Genius you are!

Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: In this optical illusion, the color you see at the center of the circle in this Optical Illusion tells what kind of Genius you are. So, which color did you see first?

Archana Shandilya
Aug 5, 2022, 18:12 IST
Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ
Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ

Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: An optical illusion is a mind-bending illustration of anything, be it an object or drawing or picture, or sequence of things. Different people can perceive different things from such illusionary images. There are many types of optical illusions like physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions. These optical illusions are also a part of the field of psychoanalysis as they throw some light on your IQ Level also. Let’s look at one such optical illusion where the color you see first tells about what kind of Genius you are.

Test your IQ by spotting the Color at the Centre of the Circle in this Optical Illusion

If you want to take this IQ test, you simply need to look at the image having a circle of black and white tones.  This 'IQ test' will prompt you to find a color in the center of the circle. This optical illusion will reveal if you have high levels of intellect. 

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The task is to keep staring at the center of the design. You will notice a color. The color you see first will tell what kind of Genius you are. Based on the color you see at the center of the circle, the level of your intelligence quotient can be assessed.

Hint: Keep staring at the center of the design. You will notice a color. The answer is not Black.

How many circles can you spot in this optical Illusion?

This optical illusion image is just another fun way to test your IQ. However, taking an actual IQ test is a good way of knowing your IQ level.

Optical Illusion for IQ Test - People with High Intelligence can spot Camel’s Rider

Which color did you see? What kind of genius are you?

As per the mind’s journal people will be able to spot either blue or red color in this optical illusion if stared for a long time at the center of the circle. Everyone on this Earth has genius inside them. It is our responsibility to find out, embrace and implement it in our daily lives. So, let’s know the kind of genius you are based on the color you notice in the optical illusion test:

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Blue Color - Genius of Perception

As per Mind’s Journal, if you see the blue color first, then you are a genius of perception! “You use the frequency of brain waves in the range 100 and 120 HZ. Mental clarity is what you have, and understand the concepts of life very well. So, it is not an arduous task for you to make complicated decisions.”

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The Journal further added that “Besides enormous intellect, you are an efficient worker and a good team player. People rely on you because you are honest and state your opinions clearly. At times of trouble, people seek your help for dealing with complicated matters.” Soit can be inferred that you can be a great support to the people around you are a great team player.

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Red Color - Genius of Logic

As per Mind’s Journal, if you see the red color first, then you are the genius of logic! “You use the frequency of brain waves in the range150 and 180 Hz, which means you have above-average intelligence and excellent intuition. Solving problems is not a big deal for you!

Faces you see first in this optical illusion tell a lot about your personality

The Journal further mentioned that “People look forward to you during their adversities. You are a natural leader and seem to have a great influence on people.” So it can be inferred, that you can lead people in various sects of society.

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Optical illusions always give some fascinating insight into how our brains work. Specific combinations of color, light, and patterns can trick our brains into visually perceiving something that isn’t there. So tell us, which color did you spot first in this optical illusion?

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