Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can You Spot Two Mistakes In The Classroom In 8 Seconds?

Brain teaser IQ test: There are two mistakes hidden in this classroom. Can you spot them in 8 seconds or less?
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can You Spot Two Mistakes In The Classroom In 8 Seconds?
Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can You Spot Two Mistakes In The Classroom In 8 Seconds?


Brain teasers are without a doubt the most fun way to test your IQ. These brain puzzles have scientifically proven to be great mood boosters as well as cognitive capacity enhancers. 

So, if you are looking for a way to test your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) without going through hundreds of boring questions, then you are in for a treat. 

This visual teaser is a fun way to test your IQ, and acting as the cherry on top of the cake, this is super fun to solve. 

Are you ready for the fun to begin?

Let’s start!

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Can You Spot Two Mistakes In The Classroom In 8 Seconds?


Source: 7 Second Riddles

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Here, you can see what seems like a normal classroom, but there are two things wrong with this. Can you spot them?

In this brain teaser, you have to try and spot two mistakes in the classroom in 8 seconds, if you can solve it in even less time, then that would be amazing!

Remember that you have only 8 seconds to spot what’s wrong in this picture. 

And your time starts now.

All the best!

We believe in you. You can do this!

The brain teaser answer is given right below but refrain from scrolling straight to the end before solving the puzzle. 

This is not a test, but a fun challenge, so try to solve it by yourself first. 

The clock’s ticking. Hurry!

Think rationally and do not be disheartened if you fail to get the right answer in the given time. We won’t judge you. 

3… 2… and 1!

Time’s up folks. 

Have you solved this brain teaser?

We sincerely hope that you did, because we are going to reveal the answer now. Keep reading to find out what’s wrong with this image.

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Brain Teaser Answer

In this brain puzzle, you have to spot the two mistakes in this classroom in 8 seconds. The classroom may seem normal at a first glance, however, it is not. 

One of the mistakes in the classroom is the time shown on the digital clock. The clock says it’s 11 o’clock at night, but schools do not open at night. 

The second mistake in the classroom is the teacher. Look at her legs. What kind of a human has u-shaped legs?

The teacher is not a human, but an alien from outer space.

For your convenience, let’s look at the two mistakes highlighted in the picture below:


Source: 7 Second Riddles 

If you were able to guess what is wrong in this brain teaser in 8 seconds or less, congratulations are in order. 

And if you were unsuccessful in solving this, better luck next time. Please don't let one failure discourage you or cause you to give up.

We hope that you had fun solving this brain teaser. 

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