Did Hans Niemann Really Cheat Against Magnus Carlsen? Is It So Easy To Cheat At Chess?

Notable Chess Player Carlsen accuses Niemann of cheating in chess. Is Niemann really guilty? Also, is there a need to keep a check on cheating practices in the game?
Cheating and Chess
Cheating and Chess

Chess is a game meant for smart-minded folks, but the nobleness and royalty of the game get stained when cheating is involved.


Recently, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen made an indirect yet firm remark against US Grandmaster Hans Niemann after getting defeated by the latter. Carlsen not only said that it “was easy to cheat in chess”,  but also released a statement about cheating being “an existential threat” to the game of chess.


This raises strong questions about the need to check the presence of these cheating practices in the game and protect the essence of fair means of chess. 


Carlsen is a celebrated name in the field of chess. While he is disappointed with the prevalent cheating practices, he does not wish to quit the game. He expressed that he wishes to continue playing the game, but only against those players who choose fair game playing over unfair means. In simple words, the world champion alleged Niemann of cheating.

Now, when the buzz surrounding the cheating matter becomes strong, questions are raised over the malpractices used in the game. 

Is Cheating In Chess A Cakewalk?


It can be. The present-day world is an era of digital chess engines, advanced miniature wireless devices, personal server space, and data clouds. With the changing times, cheaters have also become smarter and smarter.


However, it won't be wrong to say that cheating in the game is not as easy today as it was long years ago. Yet, to counter this fact comes exemplary chess apps that offer the "best moves" for players to beat just anyone in front of them.

Can We Stop Cheating In Online Chess?


Every issue comes with its own solution. Present-day cheaters in online chess make use of chess engines that help them analyze game positions and moves. Now, if the tournament organizers use software that helps detect whether the players are switching between programs during the game, then it becomes impossible to cheat. However, if the player is smart enough to operate the game engine on some other device, then cheating cannot be stopped.


The Niemann- Carlsen Controversy. Who Is Right?

The question is open for debate. There have been allegations that Niemann Was hiding an electronic device inside his body. To this, the player reacted by saying that he was ready to play all naked.


Carlsen, on the other hand, accused the player indirectly by saying, “I have to say I’m very impressed by Niemann’s play and I think his mentor GM Maxim Dlugy must be doing a great job.”

In 2017, Dlugy was banned for cheating in chess.

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