Explained: SteroStet, India's first stethoscope sterilizer

Sterostet, India's first stethoscope sterilizer has been designed and developed by Xech. Know the features, design and other details here
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Why in News?

XECH is India’s emerging innovator brand which has launched Xech Sterostet. This is one of its kind, India’s first Stethoscope Sterilizer. The machine which uses a special UV-C GI Technology to sterilize stethoscopes diaphragms of all sizes. The purity level is 99.99%. 

What is a Stethoscope?

The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device that is used for auscultation. This means it finds its usage in listening to internal sounds of an animal or human body.

It is the most commonly used instrument in any medical environment. The machine finds its usage from private clinics to general wards in hospitals.

Need of the invention:

As per the latest studies by WHO, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI), or nosocomial infections, affect many patients. The diaphragms of stethoscopes randomly sampled in healthcare facilities/centres were found to be contaminated by nosocomial pathogens spread there. Xech had started its research for SteroStet around two years ago.

Now due to the pandemic COVID19 it was all the more necessary to have a stethoscope that can be sterilized. 

What is StreoStet?

SteroStet is a device that effectively sterilizes a stethoscope diaphragm without using any chemicals or liquids and preserves the longevity of the expensive medical apparatus.

Features of SteroStet:

  1. It is a compact, portable & innovatively designed medical device
  2. It ensures the safest possible way to sterilize a stethoscope head that is between two patients. It would prevent any unhygienic cross-contamination arising out of Healthcare-Associated Infections. 
  3. The stethoscope can be sterilized in just 5 minutes while one switches from one patient to another; 
  4. It uses cutting-edge UV-C GI Technology. 
  5. It has various in-built intelligent sensors that lead to safe, smooth, hassle free  and quick stethoscope sterilization.
  6. Xech SteroStet comes with Quad-sense Technology. It has four advanced sensors in the processor to ensure the safest possible sterilization. The size of the stethoscope diaphragm or the angle it’s placed is not an issue with this machine 
  7. SteroStet has been designed in such a way that it can be mounted on a wall, or placed on a desk, and is portable

The Xech SteroStet is tested in a NABL approved laboratory. It can be sterilised against S. Aureus, E.coli & Candida. Here they found log 6 reductions making it 99.9999% effective.In this need of the hour, Xech's stethoscope sterilizer is a boon. 

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Who invented stethoscope?

Stethoscope was invented by the French physician R.T.H. Laënnec in 1819

What is SteroStet?

SteroStet is a stethoscope sterilizer designed by Xech.

Which company has designed sterostet?

SteroStet has been designed and developed by Xech

What is a stethoscope used for?

Stethoscope is a medical instrument used in listening to sounds produced within the body
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