International Nurses Day 2020: Know about Florence Nightingale Museum

International Nurses Day 2020: Every year 12 May is celebrated as International Nurses Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. This year is the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. On her birth anniversary let us read some interesting facts about the Florence Nightingale Museum.
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Florence Nightingale Museum
Florence Nightingale Museum

International Nurses Day 2020: As we know that the 2020 year has been designated as the International Nurse and Midwife Year in honour of Florence Nightingale's bicentenary. Do you know that nursing, washing your hands frequently and evidence-based healthcare is pioneered by Florence Nightingale? And as per the current situation, it became very important as ever before.

Florence Nightingale, the world's most famous nurse and the founder of modern nursing is an inspiration to people around the world. Also known as "The Lady with the Lamp".

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Florence Nightingale Museum is closed but an exhibition of 200 objects has been put online to view.

10 Interesting facts about Florence Nightingale Museum

1. The Museum is situated at the south end of Westminster Bridge, in the grounds of St Thomas Hospital, close to both Waterloo and Westminster stations. The museum celebrates the life and work of the Florence Nightingale who was the best-known figure in nursing history.

2. Basically the museum is divided into three areas and each devoted to a phase of Florence Nightingale's life, work and legacy - before, during and after the Crimean War.

3. The museum is a collection of almost 3000 artefacts that relates to the life, work and legacy of Florence Nightingale.

International Nurses Day 2020: Current Theme, History and Significance

4. The museum includes some wonderful personal items of Florence Nightingale like medicine chest, the gold watch that her father gave her and her much-loved pet owl named Athena. It is said that she rescued owl from some Greek boys at the Parthenon in Athens.

5. The museum also consists of a Florence Nightingale's famous lamp that was actually a Turkish lantern due to which she earned the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp”.

6. The museum also consists of the iconic black dress and a nurse uniform from Florence Nightingale's training school. 

7. Amazing is that in the museum we can hear Florence Nightingale's voice recorded on a phonograph; a high, slow voice that we can listen in the museum.

8. In the museum, there is a small section devoted to the nurse named Edith Cavell. She was sentenced to death for helping Allied soldiers escape German territory.

9. In the museum, there is a strong emphasis on educational features mainly for youngsters, video clips and photographs. It also provides new digital experiences that help visitors delve deeper into topics that interest them.

10. The Florence Nightingale Museum Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 9 December 1987 and registered as a charity on 22 December 1982.

Therefore we can say that the Florence Nightingale Museum depicts the life of amazing women, nurse. You can discover her childhood days, how she fought against her parents’ wishes to become a nurse and her work during the Crimean War. Also, you can see the methods that she campaigned for ordinary people with better health care. Museum has a unique collection, interactive displays and art installations. It also enhances the knowledge.

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