Google Chrome Ranked As The Least Safe Browser: Here’s What You Need To Know.

Google Chrome has become the most widely used web browser in the world, but it also happens to be the most vulnerable. Here is what you need to know about it.
Google Chrome Ranked As The Least Safe Browser: Here’s What You Need To Know.
Google Chrome Ranked As The Least Safe Browser: Here’s What You Need To Know.

We have a number of browsers to choose from, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, and many others. While choosing a web browser that suits your convenience, you must be frequently assured that the said browser is encrypted, safe, and protects your privacy.

But, are you really safe?

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. In 2017 alone, Google reported over 2.5 billion downloads of its browser. The popularity of Chrome comes at a price though.

According to a recent survey published by Atlas VPN, Google Chrome is the least secure, or let’s say the most vulnerable browser. This means hackers can easily steal information from your computer or even take control of your device.


Source: Atlas VPN

Chrome has over 303 vulnerabilities and a cumulative total of 3,159 vulnerabilities as of the data published by the survey of 2022. These numbers are based on information from the VulDB vulnerability database, which covers the period from 1st January 2022 to 5th October 2022.

One important thing to note is that the research is not qualitative, but quantitative; meaning that it did not evaluate the severity of these vulnerabilities; instead, it's focused on the overall number of vulnerabilities. 

It is also plausible that since Google Chrome has the most users, there are more vulnerabilities disclosed. 

All of these vulnerabilities in the browser may lead to memory corruption; however, it can be prevented by upgrading the browser to version 106.0.5249.61. 

With over 117 vulnerabilities, Mozilla Firefox is the second most vulnerable browser. 

Microsoft Edge ranks third in the vulnerability list with 103 vulnerabilities. 

Apple users may rejoice at the news that Safari is one of the least vulnerable browsers. Safari, despite having a billion users, has 26 vulnerabilities; whereas its cumulative vulnerability stands at 1,139.

It is worth mentioning that Opera, a popular browser, has just 344 cumulative vulnerabilities overall and no known vulnerabilities this year.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has issued a cautionary warning against using Google Chrome. It has warned the users of the browser about remote hackers accessing the system and carrying out destructive deeds. 

There are a few ways to safeguard your computer and your online privacy.

Protecting Your Privacy

Stay updated: By updating your browser as soon as an update is available, you may be able to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your browser and reduce the risk of being exploited by hackers and phishers. 

Choose your plug-ins carefully: A plugin is a software tool that is added to a programme to increase its functionality. They are highly useful, only if downloaded from a reliable source. 

Stay Safe From Phishing: The practice of sending emails to trick users into disclosing personal information like sensitive passwords and credit card data is called phishing. Do not open any email from an unreliable source. Even if you do open a shady email from an unknown source, do not download any attachments or click on any links. 

Use an antivirus software: An antivirus software protects your computer from virus attacks, and malware, and blocks unsecure sites from accessing your browser. 

Use a strong password: passwords act like foot soldiers against any unwanted access to your browser or privacy. A strong password ensures that your computer is secure from hackers.

In this digital age where information is available at your fingertips, the risks of a data breach increase tenfold. So, it is crucial to protect your computer from any threat that may endanger your privacy, so you can enjoy the perks of technology without any hitch.

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