Help! Save Innocents By Identifying The Run-Away Prisoner In This Brain Teaser

Finding the prisoner in this brain teaser is tricky. Are you observant enough to solve this brain teaser?
Help! Save Innocents By Identifying The Run-Away Prisoner In This Brain Teaser
Help! Save Innocents By Identifying The Run-Away Prisoner In This Brain Teaser

You might be thinking, why am I being asked to solve a brain teaser? Why not? Brain teasers are fun as well as challenging. 

They are designed to test your logical reasoning skills. They also increase mental capacity, and lateral thinking skills, maintain memory strength and keep you entertained. This is a great way to hone your problem-solving abilities, especially if you’re having trouble at school or work.

There are two types of puzzles: visual and verbal. Visual puzzles require you to look at images or diagrams, whereas verbal puzzles rely on words and phrases. In this game, you’ll be given a visual puzzle. 

If you want to win, you will have to figure out the solution to the puzzle.

Help! Save Innocents By Identifying The Run-Away Prisoner In This Brain Teaser

A few days ago, a prison guard found a secret letter in the City Prison near the cell of a dangerous criminal. The letter was written in a code. With your help, the guard was able to decode the secret letter and stopped a jailbreak from happening. 

Can You Decode A Mysterious Letter And Stop Prisoners From Escaping?

However, today the City Jail has issued a high alert for the citizens. The dangerous criminal has somehow escaped from prison. 

Can you save the innocents and uphold the law by identifying the criminal?

But, how will you identify the criminal if you don't know what he looks like?

Well, the criminal is bald. So, let’s search. 

Take a look at the image below.


Source: 7 Second Riddles

Good Luck! 

We are counting on you.

While you brainstorm the answer, here’s a fact linking brain teasers to our health.

Our daily routines can quickly become monotonous. In the end, all we do is work, eat, sleep, and repeat. The cycle keeps on continuing and more than often we forget that we are living and breathing humans, not machines. 

According to scientists, this monotony can negatively affect our brains and has an adverse effect on our physical and mental health, which eventually leads to burnout. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial to breaking up that monotony. We need breaks at regular intervals or else our health could be jeopardized. 

Brain teasers are an excellent method to break up the monotony. Studies show that solving brain teasers can improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Solving brain teasers can also refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break.

Have you found the criminal?

Because time’s up!

Brain Teaser Answer

Look at everyone’s hair in this picture.

The criminal is bald, so pay attention to their hairlines. 

Look at the second man to the right. His forehead is red, because of the glue that he has used for his wig. 


Source: 7 Second Riddles

Thank you for identifying the criminal. You have helped a lot of people. 

We hope that you enjoyed this brain teaser.

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