Brain Teaser: Can You Decode A Mysterious Letter And Stop A Convict From Escaping?

This brain teaser will test your knowledge and logic. Can you decode this mysterious letter and help the police?
Brain Teaser: Can You Decode A Mysterious Letter And Stop A Convict From Escaping?
Brain Teaser: Can You Decode A Mysterious Letter And Stop A Convict From Escaping?

Who doesn’t love brain teasers? 

They are a great way to increase mental capacity, and lateral thinking skills, maintain memory strength and keep you entertained.

They are so much more than puzzles and riddles. Technically, they are a type of puzzle or you can also say brain riddles that have the capability to keep you entertained and refresh your mind as well. Finding answers to these brain riddles will require inventive, thought-provoking mental processes that you will not be able to guess right away. 

So, here we are with a challenging brain teaser to help you hone your cognitive skills and provide an escape from your monotonous lives. 

You can take your time. 

But hurry nonetheless, because there are only a few seconds given to you for this particular brain teaser.

Are you up for the challenge?

We sincerely hope that you are!

Now then, shall we begin?

Brain Teaser: Can You Decode A Mysterious Letter And Stop A Convict From Escaping?

A guard was carrying out his daily patrolling duties at the jail when he spotted something unusual. In the prison cell of a dangerous convict, near the gate, he found a yellow note lying on the floor. 

The guard picked up the note. He found that the note is some sort of a secret code and that the prisoners are planning something big. 

The guard has to alert the authorities, but first, he has to crack the note, or else he won’t be taken seriously by the higher-ups. And if he fails in decoding the letter, he might lose his job. 

Time is running out. 

Can you help the guard in decoding the mysterious letter before the time runs out and help him keep his job?


We knew you were a generous soul, always willing to help those in need, and a responsible citizen.

Let’s get going now.

Look at the letter and decode it. The guard is relying on you. 


Source: 7 Second Riddles

We also have a challenge for you. Set a timer to  7 seconds and try to decode the letter in the given time or less. 

Best of luck! 

While you brainstorm the answer, here’s a fact linking brain teasers to our health.

Our daily routines can quickly become monotonous. In the end, all we do is work, eat, sleep, and repeat. The cycle keeps on continuing and more than often we forget that we are living and breathing humans, not machines. 

According to scientists, this monotony can negatively affect our brains and has an adverse effect on our physical and mental health, which eventually leads to burnout. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial to break that monotony. We need breaks at regular intervals or else our health could be jeopardized. 

Brain teasers are an excellent method to break up the monotony. Studies show that solving brain teasers can improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Solving brain teasers can also refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break. 

The time’s up!

Have you solved the brain teaser?

We hope you have because we are going to reveal the answers now.

Brain Teaser Answer: 

Look at the number series at the top of the letter. They represent the serial number of the letters in each of the incomprehensible word written below. 

For example, the first number of the series, 5 represents the 5th letter of the first word. 

Note down those words represented by the numbers and you will find the secret code. 



Source: 7 Second Riddles

So, the secret code is “Jailbreak At 11 am.” the guard was ecstatic when he decoded the letter. He found out that the prisoners were planning to flee from the jail the next morning and he reported the plan to the authorities. Because of his intelligence and quick thinking, the guard was promoted and given a raise, all thanks to you.

Congratulations to those who found out the answer and helped the guard. For those who couldn’t, better luck next time. 

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