How to link your Aadhar Card with PAN Card?

How to link Aadhar with PAN: The income tax department has extended the last date to link Aadhar card with PAN card to 31st December 2019. Read this article to know step by step detail to link your Aadhar with PAN.
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Link Aadhar & PAN
Link Aadhar & PAN

The government of India is not leaving any stone unturned to ensure transparency in the economic transactions of the economy. The Income Tax Department of the government of India has made it mandatory to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card so that the mismatch between the real income and tax filing detail of the persons can be traced.

Here is a step by step process to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card.

Step 1:- First of all go to the website of the

On the left side of the home page you will find important links like this;

link aadhar step 1

Step 2:- Click on the link “Go to E-filing website for PAN-Aadhaar Linkage”

Then you will see a pop up message like this. Click on the below mentioned link “continue to home page”

link aadhar

Step 3:- After clicking on the “Continue to homepage” you will get a page like below;
Click on the link "Link Aadhaar"

link aadhar step 3

Step 4:- After clicking "Link Aadhaar" you will get a page like this;

Here you need to click on the option “I agree to validate my Aadhaar details with UIDAI” and fill up the “Captcha Code”.

link aadhar

Note: For the convenience of the visually handicapped people the website gives the option of One Time Password (OTP). It means the handicapped people can use OTP option instead of the Captcha image.

If the captcha is not filled then the administrator of the site will be sent an OTP on your registered mobile number. So the mobile number of the visually handicapped should be registered with the Aadhar card.

Now after filling all the required information, you need to click on the

“Link Aadhar”

Step 5:- After clicking on the link of “ Link Aadhar” you will get another pop-up window which will say to fill up information related to your PAN card number, your name (as per Aadhar), date of birth, father's name, etc.


1. Name, Date of Birth and Gender detail on PAN card will be validated against your Aadhaar card details. If there is any difference then both documents could not be linked.

2. Please make sure that the name of the applicant on the PAN card must be the same as per the Aadhaar card. In the case of mismatch between the duo, you need to change the information either of PAN card or Aadhar card.

3. Usually, it takes 2-5 working days for the updation but as per the UIDAI helpline, the tentative time updation is 10 days.

Hence the interlinking of the PAN card with Aadhar card is a very good step in ensuring transparency in different transactions in the Indian economy. It will not only check the creation of black money but also increase the revenue of the government in the long term.

The FAQ on the Aadhar Card and PAN Card linking

Question 1:- I have enrolled for Aadhaar number but I am yet to receive the Aadhaar number, Can I still file my Income tax return?

Answer: Yes, you can file your Income-tax return by mentioning the EID (enrolment ID) number mentioned on the EID slip provided by the enrolment centre of the UIDAI authority.

Question 2:- Will my PAN become non-functional if I do not link it to Aadhaar?

Answer: As of now there is no such rule. UIDAI only issues Aadhaar and provides means to authenticate the same. For PAN related queries, you are requested to contact with Income Tax department.

Question 3:- I do not have any Date of Birth (DOB) proof. How do I update the DOB in Aadhaar or PAN to complete the linking?

Answer: In Aadhaar, if the resident provides documentary evidence of Date of Birth (DOB), then the DOB is considered as “Verified”. But when the person does not provide any documents of his DOB then his DOB is considered as “Declared”.

Question 4:- My date of birth in PAN and Aadhaar does not match. Not able to link them. Please help?

Answer: You will have to correct your date of birth, either with Aadhaar or with PAN to link both.

Question 5:- My name is different in PAN and Aadhaar. It is not allowing me to link both. What to do?

Answer: To Link Aadhaar with PAN, ideally your demographic details (i.e. Name, Date of Birth and Gender) should be similar in both the documents.

If the name has a minor mismatch then it’s not a big issue. In this case, One Time Password (Aadhaar OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number with Aadhaar but the date of birth and gender in PAN and Aadhaar must be the same.

6. Is it necessary to link the PAN card with Aadhar?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to link your PAN card with Aadhar. If you fail to compliant this order then you may be barred from enjoying many services provided by the Central and State government.

In case of the major difference in the Aadhaar card and PAN card name then the linking will fail and the taxpayer will have to change the name in either Aadhaar or PAN card.

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