IAC-1, the Made in India aircraft carrier- Significance and features

The Indian Navy has proudly presented to the country, the first Made in India Aircraft Carrier IAC-1 that can also be named INS Vikrant. Know about the features of this warship, its significance and role in the Indian Navy here.
IAC-1: Features and Significance
IAC-1: Features and Significance

Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) 1, would be soon called INS Vikrant after it enters service with the Indian Navy about a year from now. It started sea trials which is one of the last phases of trials on August 5, 2021. Know what this warship is and what is the importance of this project for the country here. 

What is IAC-1?

This is the first ever aircraft carrier that has been designed and built in India. Aircraft carriers are the most prized possessions of the Navy and they enhance its capability to travel from its home shores to carry out various air operations. 

As per various experts, aircraft carrier possession is essential for any navy- It is the one that has the capacity to build nation's strength across the High Seas. 

The work of an aircraft carrier is that it leads as the capital ship of the carrier battle group. The carrier is a vulnerable target though. It is always escorted by destroyers, missile cruisers, frigates, submarines and supply ships in a group. 

Who has designed the IAC-1?

IAC -1 has been designed by the Indian Navy's Directorate of Naval design (DND) and it is built at the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), under the Ministry of Shipping. 

Made in India Warship:

Five or six countries only have the function of manufacturing an aircraft carrier with them. India has joined the club now. Earlier these warcrafts were either Russian or British made in India. Now India's self-reliance is a significant reply to the world who thought that India could never stand up on its own feet. Moreover, this is a more advanced version of the complex battleships. 

Before this INS Vikramaditya was the only aircraft carrier used by the Navy that was commissioned in 2013. The carriers INS Vikrant and Viraat were originally British made and were named as HMS Hercules and HMS Hermes before being commissioned to the Navy in 1961 and 1987. 

The Navy informed that 76 percent of the material and the equipment on board IAC-1 is indegenious. This means 23000 tonnes of steel, 150 kilometres of pipes, 2500 km of electric cables, 2000 valves and various items like hull boats, galley equipment, ACs, steering gears are all indegenous.   

Can it be named INS Vikrant:

INS Vikrant was a Majestic class 19,500 tonne warship. It was India's first aircraft carrier which was a matter of pride for India and was decommissioned in 1997. It was acquired from the UK in 1961. On August 4, 2021, the Navy said, "Proud & historic day for India as the reincarnated #Vikrant sails for her maiden sea trials today, in the 50th year of her illustrious predecessor’s key role in victory in the #1971war" while the warship was demonstrated. 

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