Optical Illusion: Lincoln or Obama? Which US President Image Do You See In First 7 Seconds?

Optical Illusion Image today is a test of the user's vision. Depending on which US President you see first- Lincoln or Obama, we can analyse your vision. Check the optical illusion test below.
Lincoln Obama Optical Illusion
Lincoln Obama Optical Illusion

Lincoln or Obama- Who Do You See First In This Optical Illusion Image: Optical Illusions have not left anyone untouched, then how can you expect the ex-President of the United States to be left alone? But in this illusion, the creator claims that one can see two Presidents of the United States of America, based on their vision and perception.

Check this optical illusion picture below and tell us if you see President Obama or President Lincoln. It can also be a little eye check for you today. 

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The test posted by CJ Edwards is still very popular and is winning hearts just as these two presidents of the US had done. Lincoln was the first President and Obama made his mark as the first-ever bi-racial President of the United States. We are all personally a fan of both here. 

Check the picture below and tell us who you saw in the first 7 seconds. 

Optical Illusion: Rules before looking at the picture

  1. The users of spectacles or glasses on a regular basis are required to take them off first. 
  2. Close your eyes and count 5 Mississippis.
  3. Now open your eyes and just look at the picture.
  4. Who do you see?

Look at the picture now:


Lincoln or Obama: Who Do You See?

President Obama: Congratulations, your near vision is just fine. You are not short-sighted at all. You have a normal vision as you were able to focus on the detailed lines making Obama's face. 

President Lincoln: In case you wear glasses for near-sightedness, kindly remove them and try looking, you must see President Lincoln.

Also if you have normal vision, try moving the monitor or your phone away from you. You must observe Abraham Lincoln. 

Why does this happen? It is totally based on your vision. The further the screen would be, the more difficult it would be to focus on fine details like lines. So a person would see President Lincoln only. 

You will also start observing President Lincoln once you make the picture smaller. The same reason is valid here also. You will not be able to observe the fine lines once the image is small.   


Seeing President Lincoln first does not mean anything but that you are a little near-sighted person. 

We hope you enjoyed this Optical Illusion test as well. Just like the above, these might interest you. 

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