List of Nuclear Power stations in Wisconsin

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Nuclear Power stations in Wisconsin
Created On: May 18, 2013 14:01 IST
Plant Location Coords.
Kewaunee Nuclear Generating Station Carlton, Wisconsin(Closed) 44°20′34″N 87°32′13″W / 44.34291°N 87.53695°W / 44.34291; -87.53695
La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor Genoa, Wisconsin (Closed) 43°33′36″N 91°13′53″W / 43.56006°N 91.23148°W / 43.56006; -91.23148
Point Beach Nuclear Generating Station Two Rivers, Wisconsin 44°16′55″N 87°32′10″W / 44.28181°N 87.53599°W / 44.28181; -87.53599

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