List of Power stations in South Dacota

General Knowledge List: Following is the list of Power Stations in South Dacota
Created On: May 17, 2013 12:06 IST
Energy distributor Plant Name Megawatts
Basin Electric Power Cooperative Spirit Mound 120 (winter)
Basin Electric Power Coop Chamberlain Wind Project 2.6
Basin Electric Power Coop Groton Generating Station 192
Basin Electric Power Coop Deer Creek 300
Basin Electric Power Coop Wetonka 5.5
Basin Electric Power Coop Clark 5.5
Basin Electric Power Coop Estalline 5.5
Black Hills Corp Ben French 25
Black Hills Corp Lange Gas Turbines 40
BP Alternative Energy Titan Wind Phase 1 25
Missouri River Energy Services City of Ft. Pierre 6
NextEra Energy Resources South Dakota Wind Energy Center 40.5
NextEra Energy Resources Day County Wind Energy Center 99
Missouri River Energy Services Watertown Power Plant 48.75
Xcel Energy Angus Anson 210
Northwestern Energy Aberdeen CT 28.8
Northwestern Energy Clark 2.7
Northwestern Energy Faulkton 2.7
Northwestern Energy Highmore 4.6
Northwestern Energy Huron 57.9
Northwestern Energy Mobile Unit 2.2
Northwestern Energy Redfield 3.9
Northwestern Energy Webster 2.6
Northwestern Energy Yankton 13.4
Otter Tail Lake Preston 26
Otter Tail Big Stone 475
USCE-Missouri River District Oahe Dam 784
USCE-Missouri River District Fort Randall Dam 320
USCE-Missouri River District Big Bend Dam 494.1
USCE-Missouri River District Gavins Point Dam  
PPM Energy Minn Dakota Wind LLC 150

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