List of the diseases caused due to Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is caused due to adulteration and this can often be increased due to changing of place, changing food, etc. The main reason for food poisoning is eating contaminated food. Symptoms of food poisoning include upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. Through this article we will learn about the list of diseases caused by contaminated food or by food poisoning.
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Food poisoning is a disease caused by eating contaminated food or adulterated food. The most common cause of food poisoning is infected organisms and their toxic substances in food, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Infected organisms or their toxic substances can contaminate food via any process or production. At home also if food is not cooked properly then it may lead to several diseases due to the toxic substances remained in the food. It is not necessary that by drinking contaminated water or by eating food outside your home, this disease will be prominent. Symptoms of food poisoning can start within hours of eating adulterated or contaminated food like vomiting or diarrhoea. Food poisoning can also be cured with some home remedies, but in severe cases patient is taken to the hospital. Through this article we will learn about the list of diseases caused by contaminated food or by food poisoning.

Diseases caused due to Food Poisoning
List of diseases caused due to Food Poisoning
1. Fusarium toxin: A fungus called Fuserum pollutes the crops of the jowar.
The toxic substance called T-2 is found in this crop. This toxic substance produces 'Bowel syndrome'. It causes tumour in animal’s brain and heart disease.
2. Epidemic Dropsy: Mixing the seeds of argimon oil into the mustard oil produces Eczema disease. The seeds of argimon have chemicals called sangunirin, which is the cause of the disease dropsy. Symptoms include swelling in legs, diarrhoea, breathing problem, heart failure and person may die also.

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3. Neurolathyrism: By mixing Khesari Dal in food pulses, or its dough in gram flour etc, the toxic substance present in the khesari dal called Neurotoxin BOAA produces complexity in our body. If this adulterated pulse is eaten, it causes a severe impact on the nervous system. Initially, due to weakness, man starts walking with a wood stick, when the weakness increases, two wood sticks have to be used while walking. Eventually, he or she is bound to move on the lash.
4. Endemic Ascites: If in Chena crop, roe seeds are mixed, it results in the spread of a chemical called 'pyrolyzideen' which is harmful for health. Panecka Millari that is roe seeds grow with chena food grains. During harvesting it got mixed in the crop. These toxic substances cause heavy damage to the liver.
5. Aflatoxin: Fungus Aspergillus produces toxin namely aflatoxin which causes disease in the body and is produced in the wet soil, crop like groundnut, maize, jowar, wheat, rice etc. Toxic substances present in it cause heavy damage to the liver. Its complexity also produces liver cancer.
We have understood from the above article that what is food poisoning, how it is caused, what type of diseases may occur, symptoms etc.

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