On This Day November 2nd: Historical Events, Famous Birthdays and more

On this day, November 2nd, a number of important events took place and made yet another day momentous for us to learn something from.
November 2nd Facts and Events
November 2nd Facts and Events

On this day, November 2nd, a number of important events took place and made yet another day momentous for us to learn something from. 

Today marks the advent of a multitude of world political leaders who contributed towards the wellness and welfare of their people relentlessly. 

The elections for the 39th U.S. President took place on this day and Jimmy Carter won in 1977. The leader later won a Nobel Peace prize in 2002 for his miscellaneous efforts.

George Bernard Shaw, another popular figure who won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925, died on this day in 1950. 

In Levelland Texas, 1957, the most impressive UFO case was witnessed by a large majority of people among the population of 10,000 Texas tenants. This case received national publicity and was later also invested by the Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force Research Team.

Apart from this another technological advancement was made on this day in India when Xiaomi launched a content partnership.

To know further, grab on to the fact filled sections here in the spheres of politics, literature, history and more.


  1. On this day in 1976, Jimmy Carter was elected 39th U.S. president ,tackling the narrow competition by defeating Republican Gerald R. Ford.
  2. In 1880 James A. Garfield was elected as the 20th US President. He served for six months after which the leader was assassinated. 
  3. In 1920, Warren G. Harding was elected the 29th U.S. President of the United States, vetoing the Democrat candidate James M. Cox 
  4. In 1954, on this day, Charles Diggs Jr was elected Michigan's 1st black congressman to the House of Representatives.
  5. In 1954 Strom Thurmond was the 1st senator who was elected by write-in vote in South Carolina.
  6. .In 1983,U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill establishing the third Monday in January as a national holiday in the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  7. In 1993 ,Christie Todd Whitman was elected as the 1st woman governor of New Jersey. Whitman is currently serving as a co-founder and co-chair of States United Democracy Centre.
  8. In 1993, Rudy Giuliani won the New York mayoral election and became the  1st Republican mayor.
  1. In 2004, George W. Bush was re-elected as the 43rd President of the United States after defeating Democrat candidate John Kerry.

Historic Events

  1. In 2017 ,Jerome Powell was nominated by US President Donald Trump to be the next Chair of the Federal Reserve.
  2. In 1355 the  English invasion army under King Edward arrived at Calais.
  3. In 1698 the  Scottish settlers made landfall in Panama and established the ill-fated 'Darien Venture' colony.
  4. The King of England (Apr–Jun 1483) who was deposed and inferred killed by his successor King Richard III was born on this day in Westminster, England
  5. On this day in 1949, The Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia signed the Hague Agreement to end conflict over Indonesia's proclaimed independence.
  6. In 2017, On This Day and Xiaomi launched a content partnership to display today in history content in Xiaomi's calendar app to users in India.
  7. In 1749 ,the English Ohio Trade Company constructed the first trading post.
  8. In 1783, General George Washington, later 1st US President, bid farewell to his army after the American Revolutionary War.
  9. In 1824, the popular presidential vote was first recorded; Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams.
  10. In 1984, Velma Barfield became the first woman executed in the United States since 1962.
  11. In 1772,Boston the anti-English Committee of Correspondence was formed on this day.
  12. In 1903, the British newspaper "Daily Mirror" began its publishing.
  13. In 1914, Great Britain annexed Cyprus on this day.
  14. In1924,  Sunday Express published its first British crossword puzzle on this day.
  15. In 1959 ,The first section of the M1 motorway which was the first inter-urban motorway in the United Kingdom was opened between the present junctions 5 and 18, along with the M10 motorway and M45 motorway
  16. In 1947,American aviator and filmmaker Howard Hughes piloted the Spruce Goose, an eight-engine wooden flying boat intended to carry 750 passengers, on its only flight—one mile, on this day.
  17. In 1964, King Saud of Saudi Arabia was formally deposed. The former king was succeeded by his brother Faisal.
  18. In 1963, the  South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem was killed in a coup.


  1. In 1675, In the  King Philip's War, Plymouth Colony Governor Josiah Winslow led Plymouth, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut militias attacked against the Narragansetts, fearing they would join King Philip's cause.
  2. In 1942, On the 11th day of battle at El Alamein, the British assaulted Tel el Aqqaqir.


  1. In 1921, Eugene O'Neill's play "Anna Christie" premiered in NYC
  2. In 1960, In a landmark British trial, a jury ruled that D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover was not obscene, thereby permitting Penguin Books to publish the work in its entirety. A censored version had previously been released.
  3. In 1950 ,Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925, died at age 94 on this day.


  1. In 1898, Cheerleading was initiated in the United States as Johnny Campbell led the crowd cheering on the football team at the University of Minnesota.


  1. In 1957 the first titanium mill was opened in Toronto, Ohio.
  2. In 1957, The Levelland UFO Case in Levelland, Texas, generated national publicity, The former remains one of the most impressive UFO cases in American history.
  3. In 2000,The first resident crew, one American and two Russians arrived at the International Space Station on this day.
  4. In 1950, The Clover Dairy Company test-marketed the first concentrated milk (Sealtest) in the U.S. in Wilmington, Delaware.





Shah Rukh Khan ,Indian actor



David Schwimmer

American actor



Marie-Antoinette, queen consort of King Louis XVI of France (1774–93)



Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

French painter



Warren G. Harding

president of United States



James K. Polk

president of The United States



Burt Lancaster

American actor and producer



Paul Johnson, English journalist, author and historian



Mahendralal Sarkar, Indian homeopath doctor and founder of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science,



Shia Imam who was one of the founders of the All-India Muslim League and later President of the League of Nations



November 2nd holds a magnitude of significance with the rise f leaders and fall of kings all around the globe, hence all these facts and events are meant to be discovered by many.


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What is special about today November 2nd?

It embarks Day of the Dead called Día de los Muertos. It is a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd.

What is special on 2nd November in India?

2nd November embarks Parumala Perunnal in India which is a glorious festival celebrated in Kerala. It is one of the most famous celebrations held in the evergreen state of India.

What day does November 2nd fall on this year?

November 2, 2022 falls the 306th day of the year 2022 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 59 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week is Wednesday.
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