Optical Illusion: A squirrel is playing hide and seek with us! Can you spot the hidden squirrel?

Did you hear the squirrel’s grunt? Did you hear it make that cute buzzing sound? This morning, a cute little squirrel came to our office and challenged us all, saying, “FIND ME IF YOU CAN,”. Can you help us find the hidden squirrel?
Find the hidden squirrel!
Find the hidden squirrel!

If you think only rabbits, cats, and pups are the ambassadors of cuteness, you might be missing the real gem. Don’t believe us?

Have a look at this cute, little fellow!


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Creatures like these are often ignored, but people who pay close attention to the bounty of beauty the Almighty has bestowed upon the earth. Very few people pay a close look at all the creatures we share the planet with. 

Have you ever looked at a squirrel closely? Let us throw out a fun fact today!


Squirrels make different noises!


While you must be acquainted with the cute whispering sound made by squirrels, not many of us know that squirrels are able to make many types of sounds.

For instance, squirrels bark, squeak, buzz, and grunt.


God has bestowed upon every creature the power of voice to convey messages and protect themselves and their peers from predators. Most commonly, one will hear “Kuks”- sharp barks that alarm against immediate threats. One would hear such noises multiple times in a row when squirrels get encountered by an immediate threat.


Another type of noise made by squirrels is the Quaas. A quaa is different from a kuk in just a simple way- the former is longer than the latter.


Buzzes are yet another type of sound made by squirrels. These are low, amplitude sounds that are usually inaudible unless the proximity is too close. Such sounds are sometimes referred to as muk-muk by researchers. When do squirrels make such noises? Well, such low-amplitude sounds are made by baby squirrels when they are asking for food. Isn’t it adorable? Just imagine a tiny squirrel making a low-amplitude sound in order to get food!

Such sounds are also made by male squirrels when they are looking for a mate.


Now that we have entertained you with some information regarding the cute noises made by these adorable beings, let us tell you what happened today with us this morning!



This morning, a tiny yet brave squirrel rushed to our office building, came up to our office through the lift, and rushed to enter, escaping the sight of the guards at the door. Next, it stood tall on the center table, grabbed a mic, and started singing a song. Once it got successful in grabbing our attention, it said out loud, “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!”


Since then, we have left all our tasks and are eagerly looking for the naughty, hidden squirrel! 

Can you help us find it?

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The rules

There are no rules. The sooner you help us find the hidden squirrel, the better!


Help us find the hidden squirrel!

Image Source: Brain Quiz (YouTube)

Here has been the squirrel hiding since morning!


Image Source: Brain Quiz (YouTube)

While the squirrel not only hampered our work but also made us do some cardio, the view of the adorable, mischievous squirrel made it all worth it! Thank you, little fellow!

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