Optical Illusion: Can you Find the Young Woman in 3 Seconds?

There is a young woman in this optical illusion picture. Can you spot the young woman in 3 seconds? Test your observation skills with this optical illusion test now.
Hidden Woman Illusion
Hidden Woman Illusion

Optical Illusion: The craze of optical illusions is growing day by day. Netizens have liked optical illusions so much that it has become a part of popular culture.


The great thing about optical illusions is that it tricks our mind and eyes. It also acts as a  great source of research information for the scientific community.


The insights derived from studies on the effect of optical illusions on the brain have helped scientists identify which areas of the brain get activated when we interact with optical illusions.


Moreover, it is light-hearted fun that also works wonders for your observation skills.


Looking to try out a challenge now?


Let’s get started.


Optical Illusion - Find the Young Woman in 3 Seconds

Take a look at the image below.



Source: Pinterest


The challenge for you in this image is to find the young woman in 3 seconds.


Considering the relatively less time required to solve the problem, you can understand that this is an easy challenge and can be solved within time.


Individuals who have excellent observational skills will be able to spot the young woman very easily.

For first-timers also the challenge can take up to 5-7 seconds to solve.


Did you spot the young woman?


Did You Know:


Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous polymaths in the world. His contributions to the field of science are unparalleled. He is known for his famous works Monalisa and The Vitruvian Man.


Time’s over.


How many of you have spotted the young woman till now?


Some of you might have already spotted the young woman.


Those who didn’t can check below.



The young woman in the image is Monalisa, one of the most famous paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.


We hope you enjoyed this short but fun-filled optical illusion challenge.


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