Are You Highly Intelligent? Spot Number "2" In 8 Seconds!

In this optical illusion challenge, number 2 is hiding in the number grid. Can you spot it in 8 seconds? Test your observation skills now!

Mrigank Chakraborty
Jun 16, 2023, 15:56 IST
Optical Illusion - Find 2 in 8 Seconds
Optical Illusion - Find 2 in 8 Seconds

Optical Illusion Challenge: Optical illusions are mind-bending images that challenge your perception and test your observation skills. There are three types of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive.

Optical illusions are a good source of entertainment and a great way to impress friends and peers by showcasing your problem-solving skills.

Are you highly observant?

Then get ready to test your observation skills with this quick optical illusion challenge now.

Optical Illusion - Spot 2 In 8 Seconds 

Source: Bright Side

The image shared above depicts three number grids in red, yellow and blue.

You the reader, is challenged to find the number 2 located in one of the number grid in 8 seconds.

Those who are able to do so surely have razor-sharp eyesight.

The number 2 has blended perfectly with other numbers, making it difficult to spot at first glance.

Highly attentive Individuals will be able to spot the number within the time limit.

Such kind of mental exercises boost concentration and builds excellent problem-solving skills.

Look carefully, it is present somewhere in the grid.

Have you spotted the number 2?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking fast.

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Try looking at all the areas of the image carefully before the time runs out.

The number might be right in front of your eyes.

But the colour of the grid and the arrangement of numbers makes it somewhat harder to spot.


Time’s over.

Hopefully, some of the sharp-eyed readers have spotted the number by now.

Congratulations to all of them.

Those who couldn’t spot the number need not be disappointed.

Keep practising and you’ll improve.

Curious to know where the number is located?

Then, check out the solution below.

Spot 2 In 8 Seconds - Answer

The number 2 can be spotted on the red grid. It is located on the 4th column and 3rd row. Take a look here.

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