Optical Illusion: Global Challenge- Can You Spot The Hidden Lamp In This Image Before 19 Seconds?

Optical Illusion: A Global Challenge has been making rounds on the internet. In this image can you find the hidden lamp before 19 seconds? Check if you can beat the world record by spotting the lamp before anyone else in this optical illusion image. 

Tulika Tandon
Jul 4, 2022, 18:15 IST
Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden lamp
Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden lamp

Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden lamp in the image- Optical Illusion on a weekend is something that is required to churn the brain to become active. These brain teasers give you the required adrenaline rush to begin your day. Also, this image has become a global challenge and those with the sharpest eyes only can spot the lamp hidden in all the furniture within the stipulated time. Check the optical illusion image below and see if you can spot the hidden lamp within 19 seconds. Lesser time than this would be an injustice to the game. 

The word "illusion" comes from the Latin word illudere meaning "to mock". We are not trying to mock anyone here but the picture sure does. This brain teaser image has been circulating through the internet for quite some time now. Readers are going crazy over this mind-bending image and there is a reason for it as well. It is not easy to find a lamp. 

You might be tempted to look down below to find a clue, but before that, we urge you to honestly take up this global challenge and try to find the lamp in the picture within 19 seconds. If you spot before this time, you are a certified focused genius. You also fall in the category of the 20% of people who were actually able to find the lamp in a go. 

Check the image. 

Optical Illusion: Find the hidden lamp

Spotted the lamp, didn’t you? No? Let us give you a few hints. 

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Optical Illusion Spot The Hidden Lamp: Hints

  1. It is a small lamp placed on a table that may be behind a sofa. 
  2. Do not look for a red or yellow or beige lamp, you may not find any. 
  3. The lamp is not placed on the lowest part of the picture, but we can also not say it is in the upper half of it. 

Now look again:

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optical illusion spot the hidden lamp

Now we assume that you must have spotted the lamp. What was your record time? Did you beat the record of 18 seconds? If so, do tell us through the comment box.   

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You still did not find the lamp? We cannot give you any further hints. Scroll down to spot the answer below. 

Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden lamp answer

There you go, it was a green lamp kept behind a beige sofa set. The colour combination made you skip the lamp even though you passed through that section again and again. This is the magic of Optical Illusions. You are not able to spot things in plain sight. 

Optical Illusions are gaining popularity due to the inquisitiveness of the human mind and its need to exercise. Most people wish to know about their personalities which is why they go through such articles. We appreciate the user support we are getting in recent months and for your light reading, here are a few more optical illusion personality tests., which are interesting. 

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