Optical Illusion: If you decode this colourful spheres illusion in 9 seconds, you have a high IQ

Optical Illusion: There are 12 colourful spheres against a striped background in this optical illusion. Are these spheres really of different colours? If you decode this optical illusion in 9 seconds, you have a high IQ.
Optical illusion colourful spheres
Optical illusion colourful spheres

Optical Illusion IQ Test: Optical illusions are good at testing our observation skills and IQ. It engages our brain cells in deriving conclusions based on the image shown.

This optical illusion has the netizens baffled due to the level of its execution.

Users doubt their eyes after taking this optical illusion challenge.

Only people with a high IQ can decode the colourful spheres illusion. 

Do you think you can solve this problem?

Then, let’s get started.

Optical Illusion - Are these spheres really of different colours?

Look at the optical illusion picture below.


Image credit: David Novick/@NovickProf

This mind-bending colourful sphere optical illusion has created waves among online users. People are not able to believe their eyes after taking this test.

Let us inform you that this optical illusion was created by David Novick, a professor at the University of Texas. This is called a Confetti illusion or, more specifically, a three-colour Confetti illusion.

You can see 12 spherical balls against a multi-coloured horizontal striped background. The colour of the strips are red, green and blue

At first glance, the spheres appear to be of green, red and purple colour. 

If you look carefully for the second time, you will notice that there is a strange similarity between all the spheres.

In fact, they all appear to be of the beige colour.

How is that even possible?

We believe this is the first question that pops in your mind.

Here is what some of the online users had to say:

I cannot believe my eyes wrote one user.

While another wrote:

“It's so weird how just the presence of nearby colours causes you to perceive things differently,” one said. 

Do you want to know why it appears so?

Then please scroll down for the explanation.

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Optical Illusion: Coloured Spheres Explanation

The spheres appear to be of different colours due to the presence of three different coloured stripes in the background which makes our mind to perceive their colours differently

For users still looking for answers, zoom in on the image to at least 400% and ignore the stripes, you will see that all the spheres are beige in colour.

The mere presence of coloured strips near the spheres have tricked our mind to believe that the spheres actually are of different colours when they are not.

This perception arises due to the phenomenon known as Munker-White Illusion which causes our eyes to perceive different colours based on the colours present nearby an object. 

While this test alone is not the sole criteria for determining IQ, it definitely helps spot a person with sharp observation skills.

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