Optical Illusion: You are a genius if you can spot the hidden cat in 13 seconds

Optical Illusion: If you can spot the hidden cat in this optical illusion picture within 13 seconds, you are a genius.

Jagran Josh
Aug 8, 2022, 21:05 IST
Optical Illusion- Find the Hidden Cat in 13 seconds
Optical Illusion- Find the Hidden Cat in 13 seconds

Optical Illusion Test: Optical Illusions are great at playing tricks with the human brain. Some also help us in identifying our hidden personalities and desires. And then, there will be some whose purpose is to test your awareness of the environment around you.

In other words, such optical illusions test your eyesight and observation skills.

Here is one such optical illusion that will leave you perplexed as it is one of the most mind-bending optical illusions.

Let us inform you that only 1% of the people can find the hidden cat within 13 seconds. Are you among the 1%?

Let’s find out.

Optical Illusion - Spot the hidden cat within 13 seconds

Look at the image below

In this optical illusion image, we can see there is a dog who is standing near an old tree which doesn’t have many leaves left. The challenge is to find a hidden cat in this image.

At first glance, it is almost impossible to spot the hidden cat.

Only the best minds can spot the hidden cat in this image. 

Could you spot the hidden cat?


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We will help you out with some hints

Hint 1: The cat is not hiding within the dog.

Hint 2: The cat is not at the bottom of the image.

Observe the whole picture carefully; you will be able to spot the cat now.

Not able to find the cat?

Here’s another major hint

Try looking at the top of the branches and see if you find something there.

Time is running out.

Finding the cat is a tough ask.

Those who have managed to spot the cat deserve appreciation for their razor-sharp eyes.

We know you want to know the cat's location and are waiting for the solution.

Scroll below for the solution

We hope you enjoyed solving this optical illusion picture. For more optical illusion challenges, stay connected with us.

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