Optical Illusion: When the shop had ample light, where did the owl hide? Can you spot the hidden owl in 7 seconds?

It is easy to hide oneself in a dark area, but the owl is clever enough to hide in this beautifully lit shop. Can you find the hidden owl?
Find the hidden owl in 7 seconds!
Find the hidden owl in 7 seconds!

Have you ever seen an owl in real life? Owls are intriguing creatures and are unique from the rest of the crowd. have you ever looked at the huge eyes? Here comes a fun fact; the eyes are not actually true eyeballs. The eyes are fully immobile; and the tube shaped eyes offer a binocular vision that helps the creatures lay a firm focus on the prey, while also offer great depth perception.


Let's begin the challenge with some interesting facts about owls. And oh, did we talk about the neck? Well, while the eyes are immobile, the necks of owls are able to rotate 270 degrees. Isn't it a fair deal now? 


What is a group of owls called? A herd? A flock? Well, you might get surprised to know that a group of owls is called a parliament.


What do owls eat? Who do they prey on? Well, it seems as if owls do not share strong brotherhood as owls eat other owls. Yes, you read that right. 


Do all owls hoot? No, all owls do not make a hooting sound. In fact, different types of owls make different sounds. Hissing sounds are made by Barn owls, while the sound of the Eastern Screech- Owl sounds like a horse is whining.  


Owls have two backward facing feet, and two front facing feet. This means that owls are zygodactyl.


Do you know where 1,000 mice go every year? Well, in the Barn Owls tummy!


A type of owl, the Northern Saw-whet Owls are able to travel long distances over huge bodies of water. Yes, owls can be superbly talented too.


How big do you think owls are? Well, the tiniest owl in the world is around 5-6 inches in height. It is the Elf owl. The largest owl in North America is up to 32 inches tall. It is the Great Gray Owl.


Now that you are aware of some of the facts on owls, let us brighten up your day a bit.


Here comes yet another challenge for you. Here is a beautiful shop filled with gift items. There is ample light in the shop, but an owl is hiding in it. 


Can you spot the hidden owl in this shop?


Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Could you find the owl in this shop?


Here was the owl hiding?


Image Source: Mister Teach (YouTube)


Oh, tiny little owl! Do you wish to beat the Elf owl, as you too are quite small in size. Oh, little button-cute owl, you are genuinely adorable. But hey, what are you doing in the shop?


Optical Illusion: Dive into this beautiful scenic beauty while you find the hidden parrot! 

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