Picture Puzzle: How Sharp Is Your Vision? Find Hidden Animals In The Picture In 11 Seconds

Try solving the best hidden objects puzzle to test your Observation Skills, Lateral Thinking Skills, Motor Skills, IQ Level, Memory, Logic, and Brain Power. Can You Find 5 Animals Hidden In this Picture Puzzle Within 11 Seconds?  

Roopashree Sharma
Jan 12, 2023, 16:58 IST
Picture Puzzle: How Sharp Is Your Vision? Find Hidden Animals In The Picture In 11 Seconds
Picture Puzzle: How Sharp Is Your Vision? Find Hidden Animals In The Picture In 11 Seconds

Find the Hidden Objects puzzles definitely look and sound easy but they are one of the trickiest mind puzzles that will surely get you to scratch your head. These 'Find the hidden Objects' puzzles are fun and educative brain exercises for kids, adults, students, or anyone who would like to enjoy some challenge.

In this picture puzzle, you have to find 5 animals hidden in the picture within 11 seconds. Check how sharp is your vision and cognitive skills. We bet you will say such a clever picture puzzle.

Share this Find The Hidden Objects Picture Puzzle with your friends and family and ask them to find 5 hidden animals in the picture puzzle in 11 seconds.

Find 5 Hidden Animals In 11 Seconds in this Picture Puzzle, Test Your IQ Level

Find Hidden Animals Puzzle

Picture Credits: Ukrainian artist Lyudmyla Kharlamova

This picture puzzle offers you a challenging game to find hidden animals in this picnic scene. All 5 animals in the picture have been cleverly hidden in the picture that you will be stunned to find their location. 99% of people have failed to spot all 5 hidden animals in this picture puzzle.

1 second… 2 seconds… 3 seconds…

See carefully, the animals may not be clearly evident or drawn as you may expect them to be. The size and color may vary, you will need to apply lateral thinking to find them.

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4 seconds… 5 seconds... 6 seconds…

Do not choose your answer in haste. Try to establish a match with the shapes or patterns of the animals to be found. 

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7 seconds…

8 seconds…

9 seconds…

10 seconds…

11 seconds…

Do not scroll further, we reveal the answers below. Meanwhile, share this Find The Hidden Objects Brain Test with your friends and family and ask them to take the challenge to Find 5 Hidden Animals in the picture puzzle in 11 seconds.

Are picture puzzles good for your brain?

Solving picture puzzles aids in strengthening brain cells, and improving mental speed and IQ levels. Puzzles are an effective brain exercise for improving short-term memory. Solving a puzzle releases dopamine in the body which helps to regulate mood and lower stress levels. Puzzles are also beneficial to improve your problem-solving skills.

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Let us reveal the results!

Were you able to Find 5 Hidden Animals in the picture puzzle in 11 seconds?

Was this picture puzzle extremely hard to solve? We understand you. There are so many animals running around in the picture, it can be daunting to spot the hidden ones. That is why we chose this picture puzzle as it is so interesting and challenging to block out background information and spot the hidden animals.

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How many animals were you able to find?

If spotted all the hidden animals within 11 seconds, then you may be exceptionally good at canceling the background clutter to solve any problem. You may also have exceptionally high observational skills, the ability to establish patterns and connect the missing dots, super lateral thinking skills, and enhanced motor skills. 

Check Find The Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle with answer below:

Find Hidden Animals PuzzlePicture Credits: Ukrainian artist Lyudmyla Kharlamova

Great Work! Know Why You Are Good At Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Other than the fact that you enjoy solving puzzles, you may be detail oriented and attentive. Your spatial reasoning skills must be good which enables your capacity to think about objects in a 3D manner and to draw conclusions. Your left and right brain functioning must be optimal. You may be good at critical thinking and see through confusing situations. You may possess high IQ levels and visual attention. 

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You may also have high levels of perseverance, good judgment skills, and the ability to block background clutter and remember details. You may also be good at coping with confusing situations. You may be good at establishing a pattern due to your ability to notice little details. 

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