Only sharp eyesight can spot the fish among these octopuses in 3 seconds! Test your observation skills!

Can you find the fish in this picture within 3 seconds? Challenge to test your observation skills! Puzzles can be really entertaining and beneficial to develop our brain, enhance our power of retention, attention to detail, and spatial orientation.

Roopashree Sharma
Jun 9, 2023, 14:49 IST
Picture Puzzles to Test Your IQ
Picture Puzzles to Test Your IQ

Can you find the fish in this picture puzzle? This picture puzzle by Dudolf is frying the brain of people as they are struggling to spot the fish among these octopuses. See if you have sharp eyesight like a hawk to find the fish.

This is a tough puzzle. Why? Because the artist has cleverly painted the fish of the same colour as the octopuses. Good luck finding the fish in this puzzle. And, no, starfish do not qualify as the fish in this puzzle.

You got to have 20/20 eyesight to solve this picture puzzle IQ test. Only geniuses with exceptional observation skills can spot the fish in this picture within 3 seconds.

Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Only sharp eyesight can spot the fish among these octopuses! Can you find it within 3 seconds?

Tricky Picture Puzzles

Image Source: Dudolf

Here, we have a bunch of octopuses. Your challenge is to find the fish hiding among these octopuses. You will have only 3 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Let us give you some hints. No, that blue colour fin-like thing is not the fish. The fish has been cleverly camouflaged in the picture with the same colouring as the octopuses. So, it is going to be difficult to differentiate the fish from the octopuses.

Do you think you have sharp hawk eyes? Did you spot it?  

You have 3 seconds to spot the fish in this picture. Look at the image carefully as the time limit is short.

Your time starts now!

The puzzle challenges the viewers to test their visual skills, eyesight, ability to spot patterns, and logical reasoning to solve this puzzle. Check out this puzzle to see your genius level.

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You have HAWK EYES if you spotted the fish in this picture in 3 seconds!

However, If you are still figuring out where is the fish in this puzzle, then we have revealed the answer below. If you look carefully at the picture, you will see the fish is camouflaged cleverly as we told earlier in our hint. Therefore, the fish has the same colour and eyes as the octopuses.

Tricky Picture Puzzles with Answers

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