Random Act of Kindness Day 2020: All you need to know

Random Act of Kindness Day is observed on 17 February. This day provides an opportunity to do something for a stranger or a needy person. Let us read more about the Random Act of Kindness Day and how is it celebrated.
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Random Act of Kindness Day
Random Act of Kindness Day

This day encourages people for acts of goodness and kindness. To be friendly or polity to others is also an act of kindness. There are several ways to be kind and help others.

It is celebrated on different days in the world. In New Zealand, it is celebrated on 1 September. It can be celebrated by an individual, organisation, group to encourage acts of kindness.

Random Act of Kindness Day: History

The National Random Act of Kindness Day is created in New Zealand by Josh de Jong. Every year with the celebration Random Act of Kindness Week is also celebrated. This year, it will be celebrated from 16 February to 23 February. This whole week is dedicated to kindness and to take extra effort to make somebody's day bright or to help others.

Random Act of Kindness Foundation takes an effort to celebrate this day and the Random Act of Kindness Week.

Random Act of Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1995 and is dedicated to inspiring everyone to practice and spread kindness. The main objective of the foundation is to highlight the importance of bringing more kindness into the world and in the lives. The foundation follows a simple framework for everything that they do: Inspire->Empower->Act->Share. In the classroom, students are provided the social and emotional skills needed to live more successful lives. It is also taught that there are certain easy ways to change the culture of the workplace.

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Kindness is an act of showing concern for others, family, loved ones and also for the strangers without any expectation of any sort of return. Several studies have shown that being compassionate not only helps others but also make others happier and healthier. No doubt doing random acts of kindness is something that can be done every day of the year.

How is it celebrated?

There are several ways to celebrate the Random Act of Kindness Day. Some of the ways to celebrate are listed below:

- Buy something for the needy or poor and give them.

- Compliment the work of a colleague at the workplace.

- Encourage someone who is facing a bad time.

- To buy bus fare for a passenger who is in need.

- Donate clothes, food to some orphanage centres.

- You can also compliment a stranger.

- Reconnect with an old friend.

- Donate blood whenever required or a Blood bank etc.

At the end, let’s have a look at the importance of kindness.

As discussed above, qualities of kindness are generous, considerate, to be friendly, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, and care, etc. Being kind requires courage and strength. It is an interpersonal skill.

Research has shown that rather having more and more for yourself, devote resources to others and it will bring well-being. Researches told that kindness is the most important predictor of satisfaction and stability in a marriage. One way to be kind is to remain eyes open and notice when others are suffering and required help. Kindness is willingness and can't be forced on others to be kind. According to Gottman's work, your response to someone's successes may determine more about your relationship than how you respond when times are difficult. Do you minimize the success, not pay attention to it, or bring up all the problems with the success? Kindness is to be happy for another person. At times it is difficult but we can make a change and be kind to others.

Do you know that to be kind for others is not only kindness but it is necessary to be kind for yourself? It is equally important to speak gently and kindly to yourself and take good care of yourself.

As we have seen above that there are several ways to be kind but it can't be taught and we can't force others to be kind. It is from the heart and willingness of a person to be kind. We can’t ignore that kindness add more satisfaction and strengthen relationships. Therefore, to be kind we don’t need a day but yes Random Act of Kindness Day reminds or encourages us to be kind to others and to yourself.

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