Seek and Find: Can you find the hidden number in the image within 11 seconds?

The seek-and-find challenge is an excellent tool to test your observation skills. Want to know how good your observation skills are? Then find the hidden number in this image within 11 seconds.
Find The Hidden Number in 11 Seconds
Find The Hidden Number in 11 Seconds

Seek and Find Eye Test: Do you love the excitement of finding hidden things? Do you find yourself busy finding details when everyone else is just happy trudging the surface?


If your answer is yes to all the questions asked above, then you have an inquisitive mind, and love to solve puzzles, riddles, and whatnot.


You love the thrill and excitement of solving mysteries, be they in the form of optical illusions, puzzles, or any natural phenomena. 


For the puzzle lover in you, this seek-and-find puzzle will be very interesting as it challenges you to find the hidden number in this image within 11 seconds.


It will be a good test of your observation skills.


Ready to try this out?


Let’s get started.


Seek and Find: Can you find the ghost with legs within 13 seconds?

Seek and Find - Find the Hidden Number in 13 Seconds


Source: Fun With Puzzles


This image depicted above has a number hidden inside the red background, and you have 13 seconds to find the number.

The presence of the background and the grainy texture adds noise to the image, thereby concealing the numbers, which makes it difficult to spot the actual numbers.


Seek and Find: Can you find a hidden cheetah in 17 seconds?


Hurry up, the clock is ticking.


Did you spot the hidden number?




Need a hint?


Here it is


It is a four-digit number and the best way to spot the number is to watch the image from a distance. In other words, there should be some gap between your eyes and the phone/tablet/laptop or desktop screen in order to enable clarity.


Now, did you spot the number?


Time’s over.


Find the Hidden Number - Solution

Congratulations to those who have spotted the hidden number.


Those who were unable to spot the number shouldn’t get disheartened, you gave your best effort.


Are you curious to know what the number is?


Scroll below for the reveal.


The number is 3315.

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