Seek and Find: Can you find the odd camel in 7 seconds?

The seek-and-find challenge is an excellent tool to test your observation skills. Want to know how good your observation skills are? Then find the odd camel in this image within 7 seconds.
Find The Odd Camel in 7 Seconds
Find The Odd Camel in 7 Seconds

Seek and Find: Finding any item or thing concealed in the image is the goal of a seek-and-find game. The object can be hidden anywhere in the image, and in order to properly complete the challenge, the user must locate the hidden object within the allotted time.


This activity is a good way to test and improve your observation skills. The best thing about this activity is that you can attempt it either individually or in groups.


Do you want to test your observation skills?


Let’s get started.


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Seek and Find - Find the Odd Camel in 7 Seconds


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The image shown above is a collection of camels stacked together. The challenge for the users is to find the odd camel among the stack of camels.


The best way to solve this challenge is to observe the image carefully and spot any deviation from the pattern that is seen in the image.


The difficulty level of this challenge is easy, and an individual with good observation skills and situational awareness will be able to spot the odd camel easily.


The camels can be seen facing one direction in this picture, but only one camel among the others is not facing the same direction, and you need to find that odd camel.


Are you able to spot the odd camel?


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Hurry up; time is running out.


We believe that some of the eagle-eyed users have already spotted the odd camel with their excellent observation skills.


Some users might still be looking for the odd camel.


Time’s up.


Curious to know where the odd camel is located?


Don’t worry; we will be providing the solution below.


Keep reading.


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Seek and Find - Solution


The odd camel can be found on the third row from the top and the fourth from the left side.

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