Spook Alert! Spot The Ghost Among The Fake Skeletons In This Brain Teaser.

We dare you to spot the ghost hiding among these fake skeletons in 7 seconds in this spooky brain teaser.
Spook Alert! Spot The Ghost Among The Fake Skeletons In This Brain Teaser.
Spook Alert! Spot The Ghost Among The Fake Skeletons In This Brain Teaser.

Before we begin, we wish you a prosperous Diwali. May the light from this Diwali chase away all the darkness from your life!

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Now, onto our brain teasers. This brain teaser is spooky and you have to solve it in 7 seconds. 

Shall we begin?

Spot The Ghost Among The Fake Skeletons In This Brain Teaser

First, let’s see what are brain teasers.

Brain teasers are puzzles that require you to implement lateral thinking skills. They are usually designed to test your ability to solve problems using abstract reasoning.

Brain teasers are games that challenge your mind to solve complex problems. 

The goal is to figure out the answer without looking at the solution. They are fun and challenging, and they can improve your memory and concentration. If you enjoy these types of puzzles, then you should try this out.

Take a close look at the picture below.


Source: dudolf.com

Among these fake yet spooky skeletons, there is an imposter. 

Yes, there is a ghost hidden among these skeletons. Can you find it? 

Yes? Great! But can you find it in 7 seconds or less?

We believe you can. 

So let’s start. 

All the best!

Take your time and rake your eyes all over the picture, but hurry because the clock is ticking. 

Your time’s about to end.

3… 2… and 1.

Time’s up folks!

Have you solved this brain teaser?

We sincerely hope you solved it correctly because we will be revealing the answers now.

Brain Teasers Answer

All of the skeletons have poker faces and that is one of the major things that distinguish our ghost from the skeletons. 

Our ghost is a friendly one, it has a cute smile on its face.


Source: dudolf.com

Look at the middle of the furthest right. You will spot our cute little ghost.

If you were able to spot the ghost, congratulations!

And if you were unsuccessful in finding it, better luck next time!

We hope that you had fun solving this brain teaser. 

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