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Thalassemia Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Preventions

08-MAY-2017 13:06

    On every 8th May World Thalassemia Day is celebrated to increase the awareness about the disease throughout the world. It was first established by the World Health Organisation to create public awareness and to make the world a better place to live in.
     World Thalassemia Day
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    What is Thalassemia Disease?

    Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. People suffering from this disease not able to make enough haemoglobin and also suffers from anaemia. Do you know about Haemoglobin? It is a red pigment present in Red Blood Cells due to which blood is red in colour. But if Haemoglobin is not enough in the blood, then oxygen will not reach to all parts of the body and so, due to this organ will not be able to function properly.
     thalassemia red blood cells
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    Mainly, thalassemia is of three types: Alpha, Beta and thalassemia minor. Beta Thalassemia Major is also known as Cooley’s Anaemia and is a serious illness. Its symptoms appear in the first two years of life like poor appetite, paleness of skin, failure to grow etc. person require routine blood transfusion and some other therapies too.
    This disease is most common in African, Mediterranean and Asian countries.

    Do you know which Human Body Organs can be donated

    What is the condition of Thalassemia in India?

    In India about 10,000 children have born every year with this disease. And 50% of these die before the age of 20 due to poverty and lack of treatment. Do you know about four million Indians are thalassemia carrier and over 1, 00,000 patients. One in every two women in India is anaemic, according to the study conducted by Metropolis Healthcare.
     thalassemia 1
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    World Thalassemia Day is celebrated in various schools, colleges, public areas, Institutes of the Education etc. Many events were also organized by the Government where Patients and their Family members participate and are provided with every information related to thalassemia disease. TIF i.e. Thalassemia International Federation is a non-profitable Non-Governmental Organization which helps people to celebrate this day in the whole country.

    Themes of celebrating Thallassemia Day are:

    - In the year 2016 it is “Secure and Effective Drugs access in Thalassemia”.
    - In the Year 2015 “Developing Great Partnership for Patients which are located for Health Systems for better life years”.

    Composition and Functions of Blood

    Some Common Symptoms of people suffering from Thalassemia Disease are:

    - Yellow Skin or pale appearance
    - Fatigue and Weakness
    - Deformities of bone especially in the face.
    - Growth rate will be slow
    - Risk of infection is increased.
    - Illness of cardiovascular
    - Iron overload
    - Enlargement of Liver, Bones, Forehead, Cheeks and Spleen.
    - Jaundice
    - Puberty delation etc.

    Various treatments can be given to the patient suffering from Thalassemia Disease:

     Blood Transfusion
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    Its treatment depends upon the severity and type of disorder included like
    - Blood transfusion
    - Transplantation of Bone marrow
    - Surgery to remove the spleen or gallbladder
    - Supplements and Medications like Iron chelation i.e. with the help of drugs or medicines to remove excess of iron from the body.
    From the above article we come to know about the thalassemia disease, its symptoms, prevention measures, why this day is celebrated, etc. And, also the condition of patients in India suffering from this disease.

    Human Circulatory System

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