The Strange Noises That You Hear On Airplanes Hold Different Meanings. Clear Your Doubts Here

Wondering what the sounds on an airplane mean? Know the meanings of all these sounds and more.
Sounds You Hear On A Flight And Their Meanings
Sounds You Hear On A Flight And Their Meanings

“I’ll talk to you once more before we reach our destination. Till then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the flight.”


This last line of the pilot's long announcement sets a refreshing mood for the rest of the flight. 


You close your eyes to get sound sleep and suddenly you hear a strange beep. You look around cluelessly, but everyone else seems unbothered.


Want to know the meaning of such beeps? Read on to know what different sounds on a flight actually mean. Excited to know what that ping, whir, or bang means while you are on a flight? You are reading the right blog.

First things first, these chimes, thuds, and beeps you get to hear on your flights are nothing to worry about in most cases. Often, these strange noises you get to hear on a flight have specific meanings.


Meaning Behind The Pings


The pings you hear while on a flight indicate when you are free to move around in the cabin and when you must stay seated. 


However, every airline holds a different meaning for these pings. Most airlines use these sounds for their internal communications and thus, the length, repetition, and pitch vary as per the different meanings.


The codes indicate meanings like upcoming turbulence, a requirement for seat belts, and other important information.

It is, however, not possible to generalize as every airline has a different code language, and no two airlines use the same code.


A Bang Sound Just When You Board


Do you feel a banging sound from below just when you board the flight? You might have wondered what this strange, and rather a scary sound would mean. Well, in reality, this is nothing but simply the luggage being loaded or just the cargo.


What About That Puff Of Air?


That whoosh of air that comes from inside the aircraft has been of interest to many passengers, but not many know the meaning of this strange sound. In reality, the sound of the puff of air is actually the result of the aircraft’s ventilation system switching from an outside system to one inside the plane. Sometimes, the lights inside the aircraft also flicker with this incident.

Thumps And Whirs Just When You Begin The Journey


Have you ever paid attention to two consecutive thumps and a strong whir just after the plane takes off? The secret behind the two thumps is when the pilot closes the flaps behind him twice. 


Just when the aircraft lifts off the ground, the pilot brings the wheels into the body of the plane and shuts the flaps. Now, when the pilot retracts the wing flaps, the high-pitched whir occurs.


Both the processes are necessary as they are essential activities for “cleaning up the plane”. Thus, both these sounds are also required.


The Phrases You Hear


“Doors To Arrival”

The moment the doors of an airplane are closed, an escape slide is automatically enabled. This escape slide is meant for safety reasons. Thus, as you approach the gate, you will hear the phrase, “doors to arrival”. This phrase is used to remind the flight attendants to disarm the slide.


“Cross Check”

The phrase “cross-check” is used as a directive for the crew. It asks the crew to double-check one another’s doors for slides. 

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