Top 10 ‘How to’ searches on Google in India 2019

Do you know Google has released whole year searched data to celebrate 2019? Google has shared everything that we are searching for or goggling throughout the year. Let us see the top 10 'How to' searches on Google in India 2019.
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Top 10 ‘How to’ searches on Google in India 2019
Top 10 ‘How to’ searches on Google in India 2019

We are dependent on Google for any sort of search. Mainly ‘How to’ category is one of the most searched categories through Google like how to vote, how to link Aadhar to PAN, how to check name in voter list, how to play PUBG, etc.

List of top 10 ‘How to’ searches on Google in India 2019

1. How to Vote?

How to Vote?

Every Indian citizen has the right to vote and it is the legal right. Through voting, we will be able to select our leader. We can't ignore that voting makes us realise the importance of citizenship. The eligibility for voting is:

- He or she must be a citizen of India.

- He or she must have attained 18 years of age on the qualifying date.

- Should be enrolled in the electoral roll of India.

For voting it is necessary to fill an application 'Form 6' and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer in his or her Assembly Constituency.

2. How to link Aadhar with the PAN card?

How to link Aadhar with PAN?

The government of India has made it mandatory to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card to minimise the mismatch between the real income and tax filing detail of the persons can be traced. There are several steps or process to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card.

3. How to check name in voter list?

How to check name in Voter List?

Before voting it is necessary to check the name in the voter list. Now the question is what is the process of checking the name in the voter list. Let us tell you that through the website we can check it. Steps are as follows:

- By entering the basic details, you can check your name in the National Electoral Roll.

- Locate the polling station on the map.

- Print the voter information slip.

- Apply for Enrolment, Modification, Deletion, and change of address in the electoral roll.

- Know Booth Level Officer (BLO) and Electoral Roll Officer (ERO).

- Know the District Election Officials and officials in Chief Election Office.

4. How to check NEET result?

How to check NEET Result?

The NEET Result was declared by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and before declaring the result, the NTA also issue the NEET Final Answer Key. Those students who have appeared for NEET Exam can also check their results at or website.

5. How to select channels as per TRAI?

How to select Channels as per TRAI?

TRAI is the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. As per TRAI New Regulation for the Television and Broadcasting Sector, Consumers have the right to select Television (TV) Channels that they want to watch. For choosing your favourite channels, you have to visit a TV service provider or get in touch with your cable operator. For the payment to the Service Provider, it has two components. The first one is known as the Network Capacity Fee (NCF). We can say that it is the rental charge of the TV connected to your home and the other is the price of any pay channels that you select. Let us tell you that the MRP of NCF as prescribed is maximum Rs. 130 per month. This rental includes the carriage of 100 TV channels. As per your choice, you can choose any FTA channel and pay it accordingly.

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6. How to remove Holi colour?

How to remove Holi Colour?

Holi is the colourful festival of India. People play with various colours and so it is necessary to take some steps for preventing the skin from chemical colours and also about some methods of removing the colours. There are several methods that can be used to remove Holy colours. Some of them apply oil before playing colours so while removing the colours, oil will help and you can also use lemon over the skin to remove the stains. Cleansers can also be used to remove the colours or some homemade face packs. For removing oil paint from the face you can use mustard or coconut oil. With the help of cotton, apply oil on your face and rinse it off gently with both hands, etc.

7. How to play PUBG?

How to play PUBG?

As we know that PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games across the globe. Do you know how to play PUBG game? For playing the game, first, download the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator on your PC or laptop. Install and run the Gaming Buddy Emulator then change the additional settings and get ready to play PUBG mobile on PC or laptop. Let us see some methods to play the game. Some basic guidelines for playing the game are as follows:

- Run the game

- Go to lobby

- Select the type of mode like Solo, Duo, Squad

- Click Play

- Once the matching is complete, you will automatically enter the game.

Let us tell you about the modes:

Solo: is to fight against the 99 other players to become the last one standing.

Duo: In this method, you can group up with your friends or someone random as a team of two to fight against other Duos and become the last duo or one standing.

Squad: In this, you can group up to three friends or someone random. The team can be as big as much as a group of four. Fight against the other squads to become the last squad or one standing.

8. How to get FAS Tag?

How to get FAS Tag?

As we know that for the toll collection, FAS Tags are prepaid rechargeable tags that allow automatic payment deduction from the FAS Tag. Normally, they are affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. Due to this, now you don't have to stop at toll plazas to pay the toll. When you will cross the toll plaza, the amount will be automatically deducted from your bank account or prepaid wallet that was linked to the FAS Tag that is affixed on the vehicle's windscreen. 22 certified banks issue FAST Tags through various channels including Point-of-Sale (POS) at National Highway toll plazas and select bank branches. Also, they are available on the e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

9. How to know polling booth?

Polling Booth

As we know that voting is conducted at a number of polling booths which is set up by the Election Commission across the country. Therefore, voters can only be cast their votes at the polling booths where their name is registered. So, the question arises that how you can find your nearest polling booth.

Online you can also search about your polling booth. There are several steps namely:

- Visit the official website of the National Voter's Services Portal (NSVP).

- Under 'Citizen Information' scroll down to search 'Booth, AC, and PC' and click on it.

- Fill your name, father or husband's name, state, and the CAPTCHA code.

- After this, your polling booth and other details will display at the bottom of the page.

Then, you can click on 'View Details' to know about your polling booth, parliamentary constituency, and assembly constituency.

Note: Before searching your polling booth, check that your name is present in the voter's list or not.

The polling booth number and name after the process that appears on the screen with your name and other details is also the polling booth which is near your address. That is this polling booth will consist your name in the voter list.

10. How to file GSTR-9?

How to get GSTR-9?

GSTR-9 is an annual return that is filed by all registered taxpayers under GST irrespective of the turnover of an entity. It consists of the details including inward/outward supplies, taxes paid, refund claimed, demand raised and ITC availed by the taxpayers. GST is the portal that provides the facility to file GSTR-9 to the registered taxpayers. There are several steps to file GSTR-9.

Therefore, now you may have come to know about the Top 10 searches of the ‘How to’ category on Google in India 2019.

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