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Who created the first map of India

30-OCT-2017 12:45

    Each of us is familiar with the map of India and the world. But have you ever wondered who formed India’s first map or who formed the current map of India? If you do not have answer this question, then after reading this article you will know the answer of this question.

    History of first map of India

    As historically many have claimed in relation to the creation of India's first map, but the exact answer to this question is a difficult task. In this article we are mentioning the names of three persons who had created maps of India in different periods.

    1. Eratosthenes
    2. Ptolemy
    3. William Lambton and George Everest

    Eratosthenes: In 300 BC the ruler of Greece Alexander the great ordered Greek mathematician Eratosthenes to prepare the map of India. The maps prepared by Eratosthenes looked like the picture given below.
    map of world by erotosthenes
    Image source: quora

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    Ptolemy: After Eratosthenes, Ptolemy came to India. The map created by Ptolemy is slightly better than the Eratosthenes, but it also looks weird, which is shown in the picture given below.
    map of world by ptolemy
    Image source: quora
    After that, in the 18th century British started to rule in India. In 1757, in the Battle of Plessey, the British defeated the ruler of Bengal Siraj-Ud-Daula. After conquering Bengal, the British wanted to collect taxes from the people of Bengal. But due to the lack of maps at that time, the British did not know the border region of Bengal properly. So they decided to prepare the map of India. For this work they appointed the geometry expert "Jack William Lambton", who was working in the British Army.

    William Lambton: William Lampton started the work of making maps from the southernmost region of India, Madras. He used "simple triangle method" for this. Despite working for 18 consecutive years, Lambton could not even complete one-third of India's map. After that he took retirement and George Everest was appointed on his place.

    George Everest: George Everest made the entire map of India and reached the Himalayan region in the north. Since the expansion of the Himalayas is also in Nepal and Tibet, but Nepal did not allow the British to enter their country, because they feared that the British would occupy their country just like India.

    Therefore, George Everest measured the height of the Everest using simple techniques of trigonometry. The measure made by George Everest was approximately 99.75% accurate. This is the reason that the world's highest peak was named Mount Everest after the name of George Everest.
    map of political india
    Image source: Free Printable Coloring Page for Kids

    So we can say that William Lambton and George Everest created India's first accurate map.

    Let's now know who was created the first geographical map of the Earth

    The first geographical map of the earth was created by Maharshi Veda Vyasa, the writer of Mahabharata. The entire map of the earth was given thousands of years ago in the Mahabharata. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that when looking at the Earth from the lunar orbital, it seems as rabbit and two leaves of Peepal.
    map of earth  
    first map of earth
    The above map was created by Ramanujacharya in the 11th century after reading the following verse of Mahabharata-
    “सुदर्शनं प्रवक्ष्यामि द्वीपं तु कुरूनन्दन। परिमण्डलो महाराज द्वीपोऽसौ चक्रसंस्थितः॥
    यथा हि पुरुषः पश्येदादर्शे मुखमात्मनः। एवं सुदर्शनद्वीपो दृश्यते चन्द्रमण्डले॥
    द्विरंशे पिप्पलस्तत्र द्विरंशे च शशो महान्।”
    -Veda Vyasa, Bhishma Parv, Mahabharata
    Hey Kurunandan! This island, called Sudarshan, is a spherical circle, like a man sees his face in the mirror, so the island is visible in the lunar orbital. In the two parts of island, two leaves of peepal and great shash (rabbit) are seen.

    map of earth on Globe
    After reading this article you may know that who created the first map of India and the first geographical map of Earth.

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