World Computer Literacy Day 2022: Why do we observe Computer Literacy Day on December 2?

World Computer Literacy day is observed on December 2 to promote digital literacy, especially among women and kids. The day was introduced by NIIT.
World Computer literacy Day 2022
World Computer literacy Day 2022

World Computer Literacy Day is observed every year on December 2. Even though there are significant differences based on gender and other factors, the day emphasizes the value of computer literacy. However, have you ever wondered why it is primarily observed on December 2?

Why World Computer Literacy Day is observed on December 2?

The digital divide in the world today is extremely wide. Half of the world's population was still offline as of 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic brought home in stark relief the effects of lack of access to computers, the internet, and other comparable technologies. It is crucial to address the digital divide and promote computer and digital literacy in a world that is rapidly digitizing.

In 2001, to commemorate its 20th anniversary, the Indian computer company NIIT created World Computer Literacy Day in response to data suggesting that men accounted for the majority of computer users worldwide. It promotes the development of technological skills, especially among Indian children and women, and takes place every year on December 2. Its stated goal is to "drive digital literacy in underserved communities around the world" It was first established by the NIIT. Additionally, the day aims to enhance information technology instruction and, more broadly, the "celebration of computers".

Why Should We Celebrate Computer Literacy Day?

Being able to communicate effectively with computer users can now make a huge difference in both a person's personal and professional life. Computer literacy skills ranging from having a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer to carrying out intermediate tasks like using software and computer programs. World Computer Literacy Day should be observed because it aims to raise awareness of the following:

  • The digital divide makes it difficult to spread digital skills globally.
  • Promoting the need for widespread computer literacy, which includes knowledge of how computers operate, how to program them, and how to use them.
  • A passage for governments and organizations to get in touch with people who cannot use computers.

Some interesting facts related to Computers

The list of facts related to computers is long, and we have sieved the best for you:

  • The Second World War saw the development of the first electronic calculators, the forerunners of today's computers.
  • It is only capable of four things. Divide, multiply, add, and subtract.
  • Algorithms are sets of instructions that computers follow to function.
  • Anti-virus is essential because more than 6,000 new computer viruses are released every month.
  • Free materials gathered from Apple employees were used to build the first Apple computer.
  • Your hands move 20 kilometers per day when using a computer.

The goal of World Computer Literacy Day is to promote greater computer literacy through worldwide events and campaigns. Celebrate the day to raise awareness about computers and their applications to reduce gender-based inequality.

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