Why is PFI banned and what does it mean?

The MHA has put a ban on the Popular Front of India for the next 5 years. This ban is imposed to curb unlawful practices and activities hurdling the peace and tranquility of the country. Read and understand the ban and its impact on PFI.
Why is PFI banned and what is its impact?
Why is PFI banned and what is its impact?

After continuous raids on PFI and more than 100 arrests, MHA has finally put a ban on the Popular Front of India and its five associates. In a notification, the center stated the recommendation of state governments like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Gujarat.

Further in the notification, MHA mentioned the ban as a precautionary measure against PFI and its allies' indulgence in unlawful activities prejudicial to the integrity, sovereignty, and security of the country.

The reasons and events behind Ban on PFI are as follows:

Efforts to radicalize community

PFI and its sister organizations are found to increase the radicalization of a particular community covertly while creating a sense of terror and insecurity. A huge number of PFI members are directly and indirectly found involved in an international terrorist organization.

Links with terror groups

Over years, there have been various reports of linkage between PFI and SIMI. Some of the PFI members are the leaders of the Students Islamic Movement India (SIMI). Also, PFI links with Jamat-Ul-Mujahideen and other global terrorist groups have emerged.

Terrorist Activities

Along with ISIS, PFI has participated in terror activities in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The information came out when many PFI members were found dead or arrested.

Threat To Internal Security 

The PFI's negligence towards the constitutional authority of India, and their foreign ideology is a threat to internal security. Reports say that the organization is running on funds from other countries, and these funds can be used for violent practices.

Involvement in violent acts

Many reports have revealed the intent of PFI to bloodshed, cold-blooded killings, mutilation, or vandalism of public and private property. Like, the palm of a professor was chopped over a controversial question paper.

MHA states in the notification, that all these activities were used to disturb the peace and tranquility of the society. 

Dubious Funding

PFI was found raising funds from within India and abroad through various channels as part of a criminal conspiracy. Later these funds were transferred, layered, and integrated through multiple accounts to protect them as legitimate.

According to reports, PFI was using these funds to carry out criminal, unlawful and terrorist activities in India. 

What will be the impact of the ban on PFI?

  • The ban on the Popular Front of India (PFI) under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act’s Section 3, state it as a 'terrorist organization'. This means that after the ban the organization will be not able to collect funds, recruit members, or do any other activities. And if anyone found associated with it can be booked under terror charges in any part of the country.
  • PFI and its members will not be able to organize protests, seminars, conferences, donation exercises, or come up with publications, or any such activities.
  • Also, The cadre-based organization, bank accounts, properties, and offices of the PFI and associated organizations could be seized or attached and there will be travel restrictions on its office-bearers.

FYI, other than PFI, eight other organizations including Rehab India Foundation (RIF), Campus Front of India (CFI), All India Imam Council (AIIC), National Confederation of Human  Rights Organization (NCHRO), National Women’s Front, Junior Front, Empower Indian Foundation, Rehab Foundation, Kerala is banned.

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