CAT 2022: Check Exam Day Document Verification and Registration Details

CAT 2022 Examination day guidelines including exam day registration and document verification process have been issued. Candidates taking the CAT exam on November 27, 2022, can check the details here. 

Updated: Nov 19, 2022 16:21 IST
CAT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines
CAT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines

CAT 2022 Exam Day Guidelines: CAT 2022 Examinations will be conducted on November 27, 2022. IIM Bangalore will be conducting the CAT 2022 examinations across the various examination centres set by the institution. With just 7 days remaining for the CAT 2022 examinations, candidates have been provided with the exam day guidelines in order to make sure that they do not face difficulties on the day of the exam.

CAT 2022 examinations will be conducted in three slots, Slot 1 of the exam will be held from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM while the second and third slots will be conducted from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM respectively.

Students taking the CAT 2022 exams must note that carrying their CAT 2022 Admit Card is mandatory. Along with the Admit card candidates also need to carry with them a valid Photo ID proof. Students taking the CAT 2022 exams can check the exam day guidelines and details here.

CAT Test Day Guide - Click Here

CAT 2022 Exam Day Process

  • As per the notification issued by IIM Bangalore, students taking the CAT 20222 exams will have to undergo frisking at the exam centre following which they will be required to verify the documents including the CAT 2022 Admit Card with a photograph fixed, original photo ID proof and self-declaration form.
  • Following the document verification candidates will be asked to proceed with their Iris Scanning and Photo Registration. In this process, the Iris of the candidate will be scanned where they will be required to remove their glasses or contact lenses and a photograph will be taken for documentation purposes. 
  • After the verification process is completed, students will be allowed to move to their test labs. Once entering the test lab students will not be allowed to leave before the exams are completed unless there is a medical emergency.

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