4 reasons why Big Data is the future of IT jobs

Though there is variety of jobs available in IT industry, yet Big Data is the future of IT jobs. Here, we explain with top 5 reasons.

Nov 20, 2017 18:17 IST
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4 reasons why Big Data is the future of IT jobs
4 reasons why Big Data is the future of IT jobs

Why Big Data is the future of IT jobs? It’s one of most important question that requires immediate attention of those who are dreaming to build their career in IT industry. Since its evolution, the IT industry has created a good number of jobs for IT professionals in its different sectors and met the saturation point in the way to create more jobs. It has restricted the job creation. While the other sectors of IT industry are still struggling to create more jobs, the Big Data is creating a great number of jobs with the growing demand for different type of Data from companies. The companies take important decisions with the help their business centric Data. These data are collected, preserved and provided by the Big Data professionals. For this, they are highly paid. As the demand for different kind of data is increasing, the demand for Big Data professionals is also increasing. Although there are many other job opportunities available in other sectors of IT industry, yet Big Data is the future of IT job. In this article, we are going to tell why the Big Data is future of IT job.

Growing demand for data analytics

Demand is one of the influencing factors that play an important role in benefit and growth of an organization. If there is no demand then there is neither benefit nor growth of business. And benefit is the driving force that is responsible for every corporate action. As we can see, most of the organisations have started to take important decisions with help of particular data. In current scenario, data has emerged as something that ensures the growth and success of an organisation. But, it’s of no worth if it isn’t processed and analysed. It has increased the demand for processed and analysed data. The demand for the professionals who possess the skills to analyse and process the different type of data is increasing with growing trend of taking data driven decisions. This indicates that there will be no job crunch in near future in this sector. So, if you select Big Data as a career option, you will not have to face any job crunch.    

Job opportunity

As the demand for the processed and analysed data is increasing, the demand for the skilful data analytics is also growing. People from all around the globe are witnessing it. Besides the Big Data Analytics, there are many other career options such as data scientist, big data manager, data engineer, and machine learning researchers also available in this sector. Currently, there is a high concentration for analytics in Big Data. Apart from this, the demand for Data scientist who can perform data analytics and Analytics Consultant has been concentrated.

High salary structure

Demand is one of the driving forces that play an important role behind the price rise. This also applies to the wages or pay structures of Big Data professionals. In the current scenario, the demand for the qualified big data analytics is continuously increasing and paving a way for big data professionals to earn more money as their salary. This is being observed all around the globe. According to a Global Recruiting Firm, Randstad, the average salaries for big data analytic professionals are 50% more than that of other IT professionals. In India, a Big Data Analytics professional can earn Rs. 8.5 Lakhs whereas a manager can earn around Rs. 16 lakhs. As the Analytics India’s Salary Survey report 2015 noted, an analytics professional with Master’s Degree can earn an average salary package of Rs. 4-10 lakh per annum while an experienced big data professional can expect Rs. 10 to 30 lakh per annum as a salary.   

Job satisfaction

Like other job, it might look like nine-to-five job for the professionals who are working in this domain. Merit wins big time, especially in this field. You need to explore your ways to add value to the company. The more values you add to the company the more you will be valued. It will help you to improve your financial health. Therefore, building a career in big data can bring satisfaction and happiness to your life.


As the demand for well processed and analysed data is growing, the demand for Big Data professionals is also increasing. Apart from it, there are many reasons why it is said to be the future of IT jobs. In this article, we have tried to explain some of them.

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