5 alarming signs that it’s time to switch your job

Feeling stressed in the current job? Here are a few signs that will help you identify if it the right time to switch job or not! Read on to find out.


Do you dread going to work? Is getting up every morning to turn up for work seems stressful? Are you uninterested in your work profile? Do you keep excuses in pocket to escape from workplace every now and then? If your answer to all these questions is in positive, you need not visit any doctor. You are absolutely fine and in sane health. Stress from job burnout is common!

Consider these signs as the correct indicators to switch from current job. If you need more affirmation to ascertain whether you are prepared for a big switch or not, take a look at these signs. These five signs will strengthen your doubt into strong belief that you are up for a change.

1. You drag yourself to work every morning     

Getting up seems miserable and the very thought of workplace brings chills to you. Pushing the snooze button has become a practise. Be it summers or winters you dislike going to work. You carry ample excuses to escape from work. It simple means that finding job will be more constructive than appearing for work.

2. You don’t share good equation with your colleagues or boss

Gradually you start to feel out of place with the same colleagues or the boss. More than work, people around makes you feel stressed. Their suggestions sound like tantrums or comments that are hard to incorporate in work. You wish to ignore everyone around. Things do not work between you and your manager. Misunderstandings are on the rise and curbing them becomes next to impossible practise. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of explaining yourself to everyone around.

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3. Your performance is not up to the mark

You are not able to submit the expected results on deadlines. Forget deadlines, you are suffering wrath of your boss each day. You loath your job and realise that this job isn’t the right place to spend rest of your days. But finding another one seems challenging; hence you turn up for work with blasé mind and heart. Here’s why she left her job and the rationale is quite convincing:

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4. Your health is deteriorating day by day

Visiting doctor won’t serve the right purpose! He will never be able to diagnose the right cause of your stress. The truth lies beneath your understanding of sticking to an unexciting job.

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If work-related stress creeps in to affect your physical health, do not take it for granted. The aggravating stress is a slow poison that will accelerate other health disorders such as hypertension, blood sugar and many more.  Gradually your personal life will also get affected and it will become difficult to cope up with the expectations of family and friends. Before you life becomes achilles heel.

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5. You feel unchallenged and stagnant at work

Stagnation is catch 22 situation that accelerates the pace of stress. An individual become worried about career growth and finds it hard to envision personal growth (both in monetary and non-monetary terms) as well. At this juncture, it is important that you find a job where your skills are being tapped. You receive challenging assignments that puts your skills to test. A slight degree of stress is constructive. It keeps one stimulated to achieve results.

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To Sum up

Instead of being the dead man walking in the workplace, choose your path and make change before anyone else force you to do it. Job switching is another challenging task but before you hit rock bottom in life, set goals for your growth. Pen down expectations from the new job in accord with your skills and abilities. Streamline your job search on those lines. Create a realistic timeline to grab hold of another opportunity and weigh pros and cons of the next job.

Wishing you happy job switching!

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