5 Common Mistakes that first time Job Seekers make and how to avoid them

Fresh out of College and looking for your first job? Make sure you don't make these common mistakes that might hamper your chances of getting a good first job or placement.

5 Common Mistakes First Time Job Seekers Should Avoid
5 Common Mistakes First Time Job Seekers Should Avoid

The major part of the last year in college is spent worrying about the placements and trying to get a good first job with a handsome salary. For those who are able to crack interviews during the on-campus placement rounds the road ahead is a little less bumpy. Whereas, on the other hand for the those who couldn't or the ones who did but refused to take it up for some reason or another things get a little challenging. You are fresh out of college grads with little or no prior work experience. Finding a good job on your own can be a little tricky especially when you are searching the market for one all on your own.

It is imperative that you avoid making as much mistakes as possible. Since, it's your for first time out in the market on a job hunt we bring you a list of some common mistakes that most first time job seekers make. You might not even be aware of them and they might hamper your chances at a good company in a major way. So, just step back for a moment and make sure that you aren't making any of these mistakes.

The First Contact

You surely must have heard of the saying, 'The first impression is the last impression.' In this case, it may not be the last impression but it surely matters a lot. You don't just want to but rather you need to make a first good impression on the interviewer. And that means that  you have to appear professional in your first approach to the employer whether it be through a email or telephonic interview. When contacting through mail please ensure that you have proofread all the content whether it be email body, subject or any attached documents such as cover letter and resume before pressing the send button. If you don't you risk sending them a content with careless grammatical or spelling mistakes which is highly unprofessional. Moreover it makes you seem very casual rather than serious in your work approach. However, if you are contacting them by telephonic means make sure that there are no disturbing background sounds. Make sure you talk in a professional manner.

Missing Interview without Prior Information

This is more of a common sense thing that professional etiquettes. If you are going to miss out on a meeting with your friend you will surely call and inform him of your unavailability. The same applies for a job interview; never cancel one without informing your recruiter. Have it rescheduled if possible in case of an emergency. Even if it's the case where you have accepted an offer at a company and are still scheduled for an interview somewhere, call them up and inform them. You never know when you might want to apply there in future but because of this previous indiscretion have been flagged off in the system.

Casual Dressing

This is one of the most common mistakes made by fresher. You are just of college and still not used to the professional environment. But, looking professional for an interview helps make you look more serious and committed to your work as compared to a candidate who shows up in casuals. However, this also differs in profession to profession for in some professions a proper business attire is must whereas in others it is preferred that the employee take casual approach towards the dress code in office. Also, apart from your clothing's your personal hygiene also matters a lot. Make sure your hair is neatly combed, your face looks fresh, there is no unpleasant sweaty odor coming off you, also for boys make sure your beard is neat.

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Showing Up Unprepared

This happens a lot with first timers and it isn't entirely your fault either. Everyone is nervous when looking for the first job, at most times people hardly have any concrete idea on the field or the kind of job they want to do. Because of this most times you show up unprepared and distracted in your interview. Always ensure that whatever employer you are applying to you look up a brief history theirs, also what is there current standing in the market and what is it that you can contribute to the company. It will also help you raise insightful questions when the interviewer asks you, ‘if you have any questions for him/her.' Apart from this make sure you are carrying all your relevant documents, carry a copy of your resume and portfolio (where required) even if you have sent them before hand on mail.

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Unchecked Use of Social Media

A lot of potential employers find new employees on social media. Job forums and groups are hotspot for both job seekers and employers. But where social media has become the new classifieds, employers are also using it to access the potential employees better. A lot of them look up the social media profiles of new applicants during the screening process. Now, you might think you are safe as you have made your profile private but the pages you usually engage on are mostly public. So, most of the comments you make are still visible to your employers. Make sure to have cleaned your social media profile or make a fresh new start to avoid losing a good job prospect because of some silly mistake.

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Follow these simple steps and you will find yourself getting much better response on your applications. These simple mistakes leave a long term effect on your job hunt and at times you may not even realize the harm they are causing you. Good Luck, on your journey to landing that first job. These are just few of the mistakes, if you feel that we have missed out on any other important mistake that can cost a first time job seeker a career opportunity; please point it out in the comments below. You can also share with article with your friends and fellow job seekers to help them out. To get such interesting insights about first job prep, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

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