6 tricks to help you type faster and make fewer mistakes

Follow these 6 simple tips and tricks to learn how to type faster while also ensuring that you make fewer or no mistakes.

Created On: Sep 21, 2017 18:20 IST
6 tricks to help you type faster and make fewer mistakes
6 tricks to help you type faster and make fewer mistakes

Gone are the days, when you had to actually pick up a pen to note down something. In today’s digital age it’s all about typing, is it mobile phones, computers or laptops. Typing is one of the most stressful, time-consuming and hard to learn skills, but once you will get the hand of it, it will become your second nature. Therefore, typing skills have become a baseline requirement for any fresher joining the clan of working professionals today. In fact, today almost every job is done through computers and therefore being good at typing is a skill every working professional must possess. Despite it being so important, not many are able to actually develop this skill effectively and end up spending a lot of time and even after that end up making several mistakes while typing.

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If you are also facing trouble in enhancing your typing speed or making a lot of mistakes while typing; there might be some basic problems in the way you type. To help you out, we have presented some simple tips and tricks through which you can improve your typing speed while also ensuring that you do not end up making a lot of mistakes.

1. Posture

Starting the basics, the right sitting posture is pivotal to getting in the habit of typing faster and better. In order to ensure that you have the typing posture, pick a comfortable chair which will help you sit straight. Adjust the height to your liking and make sure that your hands are comfortably resting on the palms with the fingers pointed or placed over the keys. Ideally, the keyboard must be placed at your waist height. Once you start typing, make sure that you hit the keys with the pads of finger rather than finger tips; this will reduce the stress significantly while also ensuring that you don’t tire out soon.

2. Placement of Hands

Flowing from the earlier point, placement of your hands on the keyboard is also very important to typing faster and without any mistakes. The placement of your hands must always be in a way that your palms are resting on the chin of the keyboard with fingers placed on the keys. You must also assign the keys to particular fingers and trying typing those alphabets with only those fingers. Refer to the below given illustration for better understanding.

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3. Avoid looking at the Keyboard

Now that you have the right posture and placement of hands, the next stage is to take your eyes off the keyboard. Although, initially it may sound next to impossible, but if you try had enough and practice regularly, it can be quite easy to manage. It is quite natural to look at the keyboard while typing, but that is not the right technique. The only to increase you typing speed while also improving your accuracy is by training your fingers to follow your brain and hit the right keys. Therefore, this is very important when it comes to learning typing as an important skill. So, take your eyes off and start practicing. It will surely be super difficult initially, but soon you get the hang of it.

4. Regular Practice

Typing is a skill of habit; what this essentially means is that, in order to master this skill you will have to train your fingers to reach the right keys as your brain instructs them. This feat can only be achieved by regular and rigorous practice. The best way to accomplish this is by devoting some time daily for typing practice. Daily practice will ingrain will make typing a reflex action for your brain and your fingers will start reacting to the instructions much better. Once you adopt regular typing practice as part of your daily routine you will see a significant increase in your typing speed and accuracy.

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5. Take help of typing software

Although, typing on any software is a good way to increase, if you want to track your progress you can seek the help of several typing tutor softwares. You can either download these on your computer and get them installed for regular practice or alternatively there are some online typing tutor softwares also which will help you out. These softwares track every move of your finger and every keystroke you make, helping you track your progress. Keeping an eye over your progress will ensure that you stay motivated to try harder until you have mastered the art of typing.

6. Build your Rhythm

Finally, once you have tried everything mentioned above, it is important to build a rhythm to your typing. Once you have attained respectable 30 words per minute (WPM) speed, it’s time to start working upon your accuracy. This will only come once you build the right rhythm of typing. Building the right typing rhythm will make sure that you do not compromise upon accuracy in order to accommodate more speed. In order to build your rhythm you can take help of some peppy music. Music will help you follow the beat and keep typing while also building your rhythm.

No matter at which stage are you, beginner, intermediate or amateur; The above mentioned tips to master your typing will surely help you increase your typing speed along with significant improvement in the accuracy. Along with this, you will also build the right technique of typing that will prove to be very helpful in the long run. If you feel, any other typing tips can also improve one’s speed or accuracy, please mention them in the comments section below. You can also get amazingly quirky articles here and resources related to skill development here.

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