5 simple ways to ask for salary hike during this appraisal season

Want to get a healthy salary hike during this appraisal season. Follow these simple ways to ask for a raise in your salary in office without sounding desperate.

5 simple ways to ask for salary hike during this appraisal season
5 simple ways to ask for salary hike during this appraisal season

Appraisal season is one time of the year, where employees or workers look at their organizations and companies with hopeful eyes. Optimism is in the air in the anticipation of a good salary hike and appraisal that will inspire and motivate employees. But is getting a good salary hike really that simple? Or is there anything extra you can do to stand apart from the crowd and win extra brownie points in the appraisal system.

While different offices have different systems in place to gauge the work put in by their employees, there is always something that you can do in order to ensure that you work is noticed by your manager. But while you want to do this, you don’t want to come across as a desperate boss’s pet who does anything to get that 1% or 2% extra hike. Yes, there is a simple way to convince your manager to give you a good salary hike this appraisal season. Want to know how? Read on!

Take up more responsibility

When you joined your company on the role defined for you, you already discussed the compensation offered for it. So, if you want a salary hike and want to show that you deserve it, you have to go beyond your current job tasks and take-up more responsibilities. Basically, you have to showcase your ability and potential to handle a higher role and position and the higher pay would along with it. So, if you want to get a good hike this appraisal season, start taking more responsibilities in office which clearly show that you are ready for a larger and better role along with the higher pay.

Show-off your accomplishments

The literal meaning of the term ‘Appraisal’ is to assess something or someone. When it comes to office appraisals, it refers to evaluating the performance of each individual employees and giving them a salary hike depending upon their performance. Therefore, in order to get a good salary hike you need to show-off all your professional accomplishments that you have achieved during this financial year. These include all the major and even minor achievements, which you don’t even think are relevant. At times, we ignore the smaller achievements which might have a big impact on the appraisal rating as well as the salary hike which we get. So, before this appraisal season, prepare a comprehensive performance report of the entire year and present it before your manager. 

Seek Feedback from your manager

Another way to draw your manager’s attention towards yourself or the work and accomplishments you have had during this year is by seeking feedback from your manager. Moreover, the feedback session will also help you understand what your manger or senior thinks of your overall performance in the office. Moreover, the feedback will help you plug any loopholes that may exist in your daily working while handling office tasks. In addition to this, during the feedback session, you manager will also screen through your work and you will get to know exactly what all is noticed by her / him. In case, he has missed out on any important task that you have been handling in office, you can point them out to your manager during the feedback session.

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Prepare your pitch for salary hike

Just like your interview, your appraisal also depends upon how well you are able to project that work you do in the office. Therefore, prior the performance appraisal discussion, prepare a detailed pitch to seek the salary hike you want. In the pitch apart from showcasing your tasks, work and performance; you can also exhibit your readiness to take up more responsibilities in office. Your appraisal pitch must convince your manager to think that you are ready for the next step in your career and that will definitely help you score some extra points in the appraisal system. Once you have the right pitch, there is no one who can deny you a good salary hike.

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Justify your performance

If all the above mentioned points fail to get you the salary hike you expected or you deserved, you are left with just one choice i.e. to justify your performance. Many times, companies tend to only take the tasks defined under your KRA (Key Result Areas) in consideration while deciding the salary hike. However, if you want to think you deserve something more and beyond what an average employee is being awarded, try talking to your manger and justifying the performance you have given. Showing that the work done by you and the appraisal doesn’t matchup to the salary hike given to you is the right way in such cases. Try to justify why you deserve a better salary hike and if your manager understands your concerns, he will back you and your claim for a good appraisal.

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Seeking a good salary hike and appraisals is a complicated process. While you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to move ahead in your career, if you look too desperate it is not going to help your case. Therefore, one has to be very careful while seeking salary hike from your manager. The aforementioned five simple ways will help you build a strong case for your salary hike and appraisal and get it easily. Please share this article with your co-workers or colleagues to help them also understand the art of seeking a good salary hike. You can also find other similar articles at www.jagranjosh.com/jobs. Want to receive these interesting articles directly in your inbox? Please subscribe to our jobs newsletter through the form given below.

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